Carol @ the Huffington Post

Huff PostCarol writes regularly for The Huffington Post. Click on the links below to read some of her posts.

Facing 50 : A Hilarious Romp with Madame Perry at Huffington Post

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Carol at the Huffington Post 

Your Grumpy Old Man

Hanging on to Your ‘Joie de Vivre

Put On a Happy Face

Young at Heart

The Age At Which Men Officially become Grumpy** Top post 7.5 ‘likes’

Ten Tips to a Happier Menopause

Menopause Can Be a Laughing Matter

Happy Holidays For Grumpies

Getting Older is Not For Sissies

5 Fun Ways to Fend Off Ageing

Stay Young–Act Your Shoe Size

Are You Ready For Ageing

How To Kickstart Your Flogging Sex Life

Are Women Moodier Than Men

Tips to Avoid Becoming a Lonely Old Man * Top Post


3 thoughts on “Carol @ the Huffington Post”

  1. Hi Carol, I left an article on your HP article but just wanted to comment that as I sit here and type I am looking at my 1920 Coronal typewriter that looks a good deal like the one in the pic up above.

    I actually plan to do some writing on it as soon as I send you this message:)

    Tale care and I enjoy your work. Dave

  2. Hi again – the hour is late as I see two typos in my message. I meant to say I left a comment on your article… and of course it’s a Corona not a Coronal.

    At least when I work on it, I won’t have mishaps like this one:)

    • Hi Dave! Very glad to hear you are going to bring the old girl out of retirement. I make typos all the time! Hazard of typing too quickly and failing eyesight – I never learned to touch type so me and my two fingers struggle regularly to get to the end of a post or book. Look forward to reading your efforts. Best wishes.

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