Carol E Wyer

StillettosFanChloeWhat can I tell you about myself? Well, this isn’t a photo of me for a start. This is one of my fans, Chloe. She looked prettier than me and I thought she’d make you read this.

I am a humorous author and blogger who is probably a frustrated comedienne at heart. I am on a one woman mission to spread as much laughter as I can and to help as many people as possible to grow old disgracefully.

I write humorous novels and articles along with some helpful stuff for fellow wannabe writers. You can often find me at Indies Unlimited where I am one of several contributing authors who supports fellow writers. One thing I have learned on my journey to become an established author, is that there are lots of people who are willing to help or offer advice. Thanks to the friendships I have made I have been able to not only successfully publish books myself but have found two wonderful publishers. I am always available if you have any specific questions connected with writing so drop me an email at and I’ll try to answer any questions.

Thornberry Publishing published my multi award winning novel Mini Skirts and Laughter Lines and best selling Surfing in Stilettos, while my new publisher, Safkhet Publishing is about to publish my up and coming book How Not To Murder a Grumpy and two more books, yet to be revealed.

If you would like to learn any more about my writing or me then please drop by my author website where I often have contests and the latest news. Look forward to seeing you there.


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