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Lily Graham picDelighted to have the wonderful Lily Graham here on the blog. Lily is writer and wellbeing features journalist. She lives with her husband and an endearing, slobbering bulldog named Fudge and brings her love for the sea and country-living to her fiction. She recently signed a three-book deal with Bookouture and her latest novel, The Summer Escape is due out in May 2016.

Lily, thank you for agreeing to be on my blog Facing 50 With Humour even though you are clearly not fifty or anywhere near it!

Thank you for having me!

Also thanks for bringing Fudge with you. Mr Grumpy needed the exercise and seems to be enjoying chasing around the garden throwing sticks. We’re a relaxed bunch here but we all love humour so if you don’t might sticking this red nose on we’ll get going.

Sounds brilliant!

Before we chat about your new release I have some nice easy questions for you. Please relax, take a deep breath and then answer the rapid fire round

Love it!

Mr Benn or Bananas in Pyjamas?

Bananas in Pajamas

Good answer. “Cheers” or “The Simpsons”?

The Simpsons

Mr Grumpy will be pleased. He’s a big Homer fan. Scrabble or Monopoly?


“Woman’s Weekly” or “Cosmopolitan”?

Cosmo. Sigh.

ABBA or Queen? (Ha! Don’t care if you are too young!)


Yes, difficult to chose bewteen two great groups. If you hang about afterwards I’ll show you the ohotos of when Mr Grumpy and me did a tribute ABBA act. Can you tell us a short joke?

animal-graphics-tortoise-722759Three tortoises decide to go on a picnic. Bob, John, and Van Wrinkle. After a week and a half of travelling they FINALLY get to the park only to realise they left the coldrinks behind. Someone will need to go back. Van Wrinkle is nominated but he’s very suspicious. What if they eat the food without him? They promise they won’t. They swear on their shells they won’t. Finally, reluctantly, he agrees. A week goes by. Then two. Finally Bob says, “God, I’m starving.” John sighs, “Me too, what if we just eat one of the sandwiches?” Suddenly Van Wrinkle pops his neck out from behind a rock where he’s been hiding all along, and says, “I knew it! I knew you’d do something like this!”

What makes you laugh most?

FTowersMy dog – when she runs at you she runs sideways and never stops and goes barreling into things. I’m fairly sure she does this to make me laugh on purpose. Also reruns of Frasier and Fawlty Towers.

Mr Grumpy adores Fawlty Toweres. He won’t want you to leave. If you don’t watch out, he’ll have you sat on the sofa watching his boxed set. You are standing in front of a Pick ‘n’ Mix stand which sweets are you most likely to choose? (I’d go for those Gummi Bears – yum!)

Oooh depends what’s there but probably chocolate covered peanuts and chocolate covered crystalized ginger. And chocolate covered toffee. Chocolate covered anything. Except raisins. It’s like the i before e rule, except after y.

What was the first CD you ever purchased?

Celine Dion in French. I was 12, it seemed like a good idea at the time. I blame Puberty.

Oh la, la. Hilarious!

Thank you, Lily. Now can you tell us a little about you and your books? What genre do you write?

Women’s fiction

Who is your favourite character in your books?

Caroline Murray my rather posh and naughty 65-plus travel writer who may or may not have had a love affair with Mick Jagger in my forthcoming novel The Summer Escape

Where do you think up your ideas for stories?

The car – something about driving gets the ideas flowing. Walking also does the trick. And sometimes I try to be civilised and take myself out for a cappuccino to think – that usually works well when I’m a little stuck.

What do you do to help you concentrate on writing?

This can be hard. I get distracted by social media and the needs of a demanding day job. Making sure I get some time to write in the morning can set me up well for the day – and if I don’t fit it in the morning it’s almost impossible to force myself to do it in the evenings even though I know I have to.

I try to stick to weekly word count schedules – but I often fail. Having a fixed deadline helps – can’t take the journalist out of me! That’s how I finally finished my first novel a few years ago. I changed the goal from ‘perfect book’ to ‘finished book’. I still need to remind myself of this though.

Could you please tell us something that doesn’t show up on your website. Surprise us!

My favourite film trilogy of all time is Back to The Future. I make far too many Harry Potter analogies especially in situations I shouldn’t, like around boardroom tables. Some people don’t appreciate this. They are muggles, of course.

I’m a huge fan of fun lists – and mentally list things I love all the time for no other reason than it’s a brilliant example of procrastination at work, for instance top of the list right now would be My Grandmother Sends her Regards and Apologises by Frederik Backman, and reintroducing carbs into my diet. Also a gold star as always to English bulldogs everywhere. Also dwarf bunnies.

Lily, it’s been a huge pleasure having you here. Thank you again. Oh could you leave Fudge behind. I’m sure Mr Grumpy loved playing with him.


Summer escape1Lily Graham’s novel The Summer Escape is about love, loss, a burnt down vineyard and following your heart in beautiful Crete.

Publication date May 26th 2016

Amongst the beautiful olive groves and sea-front tavernas, summer has arrived on the sun-drenched island of Crete.

After losing the love of her life, Ria’s life has been on hold. So when her boss becomes completely unbearable she makes the snap decision to run away to the Greek island of Crete, armed only with her passport.

When Ria finds herself working for eccentric novelist Caroline, she meets handsome vineyard owner Tom. He’s charming, mysterious and Ria starts to wonder if it’s not just the beautiful Greek island that she’s falling for.

But as Ria gets to know Tom better, she uncovers a tangled web of secrets. What is he hiding? Ria has some secrets of her own. Can she open up to Tom and learn to live again?

This summer, escape to the sun with this charming and emotional story about starting over and grabbing happiness with both hands.

Praise for The Summer Escape:

‘Beautiful scenery and sympathetic characters made this an outstanding read’ For the love of Books


You can find Lily Graham by clicking on any of the following links:

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Purchase your copy of The Summer Escape from Amazon UK or Amazon US