1483675_10151878313623004_344575081_oI stumbled across a new book that made it big in Australia and New Zealand but is new to the UK. Called Can I Ask You a Personal Secret by Jon Steele it is brilliantly entertaining, perfect for parties or any social event when you want to break the ice, get to know people and enjoy yourselves.

There are only two rules: You can’t refuse to answer a question and you can’t lie.

Simple, right?

Yes, until you read some of the questions. Trust me, before long you will be guffawing at the responses.

So who has written this entertaining book? I tracked down Jon Steele and tried to learn a little more about the man behind such questions as:

When did you last drink champagne?

Do you think you are easy to live with?

When did you last throw up?

What do you wear to look sexy?

Jon was born above a shop in Brownhills in the West Midlands. He and his family moved house many times within the area, even more so after his parents got divorced when he was ten and, at the last count, he has had more than twenty-five homes.

After completing school and doing a variety of work interspersed with numerous trips abroad, Jon spent four years in London before heading to Sydney Australia in 2000 to join his sister Jane. After thirteen years and some very precious times Jon returned to the UK and, wanderlust sated, decided to settle down. Where did those itchy feet end up? A few miles from where it all began … close to Brownhills.

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Can I Ask You A Personal Question by Jon Steele

Here are 1000 questions to ask yourself, friends, family and lover. They are funny, sexy, thought provoking, mischievous, cheeky and very nosey!!
Amusement is guaranteed, prepare for some hilarious responses, rekindled memories, opinions exchanged, revelations, scandal, cringing and secrets revealed!!

Take them with you to a party or the pub, on a holiday or journey, ask them in bed or on a date…wherever!! You’ll certainly get to know whoever you share them with better than you ever imagined.

No cheating anyone…you must tell the truth.

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