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theveryfinalhownottomurderyourgrumpyWriting your book is only the beginning. Yes, you spent months and months and in some cases, years grafting away to emerge with your baby – the result of tears, sleepless nights, living a very dirty, neglected house while you resemble an extra in a zombie apocolypse film.

You should be proud of your achievement.

However, there many more steps to climb. You now have the task of getting that book and your name out there. It will involve many, many hours of hard work – and I mean hard work. You will need to dedicate hours to marketing, networking, and of course doing more writing.

Where next? Self-publish or look for a publisher? Well, there are arguments for and against both but I am going to say that for purposes of being taken as a serious writer, getting those interviews with television, radio and getting your work into magazines, having a publisher behind you is the best way forward. Finding one willing to take your work is another matter. Be prepared for rejections and have a mountain of patience. These things take time – a lot of time.

grumpyoldmenopauseI have been incredibly fortunate in that respect. ThornBerry Publishing picked up my first two books and at the Festival of Romance in Bedford that same year, I found myself on a table next to the enigmatic publisher Kim of Safkhet Publishing who invited me to send my next book to her. I did and as many of you know, Safkhet went on to to publish seven of my books including the very popular Grumpy Old Menopause, winner of The People’s Book Prize Award 2015 and probably the book I became best known for.

Last year, having made more of a name for myself and following various television appearances and more articles about my work, I took a chance on submitting to Bookouture, a tremendous publishing house with some outstanding authors.

I was over the moon when they signed me up for a two book deal. Life was great. I was going in the right direction.

justaddspiceIt never pays to get too complacent and the publishing world has its difficulties like any other sector. Safkhet announced in early April that after much discussion they were reluctantly shutting their doors at the end of May and all rights would be returned to the authors.

I have a lot to thank Safkhet for and am very sad they have had to give up.

However, I was thrown into disarray. I had a new release coming out with Bookouture and suddenly seven books with no publisher. behind them.

I did what any hard-working writer would do in that situation – I howled in frustration and banged my head against my table several times. I couldn’t face sell-publication all over again. I didn’t have the time or energy to get six books back into the market. My cover designskils are rubbish as is my typeetting ability and besides i had anoter book to write for Bookouture.

miniskirtsandlaughterlinesAnyway, to cut this epic story short, I have fallen on my size seven feet yet again. I am absolutely delighted to announce that Delancey Press based in London, loved my books and have taken them on, revamped them and have produced new editions for the market.

I received my author copies last week and I can’t resisit stroking them as i pass them. I love them. They are beautifully produced. Even Mr Grumpy was extremely impressed by the quality and the attention to detail on the covers. He liked the man running away from the menopausal wife and loved the French countrysie scene for Surfing in Stilettos.newbooks

Delancey Press are also producing eBooks for Kindle, Kobo and all e reading devices and are doing small print runs of paperbacks too which you can purchase on Amazon or by clicking on this link

I have to keep pinching myself to make sure it is true. Ouch! It’s true.

I could not be happier if you threw me into a giant vat of gummy, jelly bears or an equally large vat of wine.

All of my books have had a makeover and I can’t tell you how thrilled I am with the results.

Aimee Coveney of Author Design Studio has worked her socks off the last few weeks to get them ready for Delancey Press. She produced covers not just for eBooks but full covers for all the printed books and a range of Twitter and Facebook headers that you will be seeing popping up soon. I cannot recommend her hughly enough. She totally “got” what I wanted for the covers and within hours had sent ideas and possible mock-ups to me. I didn’t need to change much at all … she has the ability to get the right image immediately.surfinginstilettos

Just look at the covers she has produced.

I love them all!

So, I am delighted, truly delighted to share my news today and show off all the new covers.

Aimee is ridiculously talented and you can contact her about cover design or website design HERE.



DPLOGOThanks to Delancey Press all the new editions for each book are all available TODAY!


Mini Skirts and Laughter Lines 
Amazon UK   *   Amazon US   *   Delancey Press

Surfing in Stilettos
Amazon UK   *   Amazon US   *   Delancey Press

Just Add Spice
Amazon UK   *   Amazon US   *   Delancey Press

How Not to Murder Your Grumpy
Amazon UK   *   Amazon US   *   Delancey Press   *   Central Books   *   People’s Book Prize Award 

Grumpy Old Menopause
Amazon UK   *   Amazon US   *   Delancey Press   *   Central Books   *   People’s Book Prize Award 

Grumpies On Board
Amazon UK   *   Amazon US   *   Delancey Press   *   Central Books   *   People’s Book Prize Award 



So, I guess the morale of the story is … never give up. If you love writing as much as I do, then stick to it.

It will be a rollercoaster of a ride and you will have some serious downs and some amazing ups.

Have faith in yourself and your work. One day you’ll get that lucky break.