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BTLToday, I am proud to be taking part in a fantastic blogging series entitled “Between The Lines” that is the brainchild of Katherine from Katherine’s Corner and features bloggers aged between 50-80. It is astonishing how large the community is and what valuable information and fun posts we produce on a regular basis.

So, why do I blog at my age?

I fell into blogging in 2009. When I say fell, it was more a baptism of fire than anything else, thanks to my first novel, still in its fledgling stages about a 50-year-old woman who is fed up with life and her grumpy old man who has taken retirement and is now driving her mad. I drew my inspiration form real life, took a deep breath and began blogging.

Initially I was going to write it in the form of a diary but that was a format that had been done too often so I thought I’d chart all Amanda’s bloopers and bloomers in a series of humorous blog posts. Trouble was, I didn’t know the first thing about blogging.

Before long, I had Facing 50 With Humour up and running and was posting daft stories about my own grumpy man and me and what we got up to. (Usually incredibly mischievous stuff.) Then thanks to the weird way the universe works I also found myself with a thousand followers much like Amanda in my novel and discovered a huge, welcoming network of fiends.

When Mini Skirts and Laughter Lines was finally published I held the biggest online party ever and the site almost crashed with visitors, all keen to peep into the “rooms” I had created and join the contest there.

I always likened blogging to being at a fabulously large party. You go along, introduce yourself, listen to what your fellow guests have to say, make witty retorts and invite them over to your place where hopefully you’ll wow them and they’ll become your new friends.

I’ve blogged regularly since those early days, focussing on stuff that appeals to the older woman. I wrote more books. I was invited to write for other websites like the Huffington Post where I help people appreciate getting older can be fun. I started another blog www.grumpyoldmenopause.com after my award-winning book and I kept Facing 50 With Humour going even though I am now facing 50 from completely the wrong direction.

Blogging allows me to share useful information and more importantly laughter. Laughter is without doubt the most powerful weapon we have in our arsenal and therefore I aim to reach as many people as possible. One of my most popular posts is the Feel Good Friday joke post.

You never know where blogging will take you. It took me to writing and then onto stand up comedy. What it has given me though is an amazing bunch of people who I can honestly call friends. I love blogging and shall keep it up until I run out of material or get too old to type so expect to see me hanging around the web for many years yet.

Please take some time today to browse through the other wonderful posts featured in the Between The Lines series, discover some amazing blogs to follow and make some new friends.