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IMG_0567It’s another big day here in the Grumpy house …that’s to say it’s a big day for me and Mr Grumpy is going to treat it with the familiar disdain he reserves for most days that are grey and cloudy.

Today my ninth – yes, my ninth – book is released. And between you and me – it’s my best to date.

Life Swap, published by Bookouture is available for purchase and as you may know has been getting incredible reviews from the book bloggers.

Anyway, I don’t want to bore you all rigid (I have already driven Mr Grumpy mad today) droning on about it but if you fancy a proper good giggle and surprises, this book is for you.

The inspiration for it came when I eavesdropped a conversation while filming for a quiz show. A fellow contestant was reading one of those celebrity magazines and announced she would like to swap lives with Kim Kardshian. This prompted a real debate about whether we would actually swap lives if we could and if so, who would we swap with. I joined in. Life with Grumpy is fine but there are days when I fancy another life.

Photo from Twitter

Photo from Twitter

It wasn’t hard to choose someone I would want to swap with. I admire Celia Sawyer, an entrepreneur, business woman and television personality who has an abundance of energy, style and glamour. She has recently been voted in a list of top 100 influential entrepreneurs in the UK. You might have seen her on Four Rooms.

Celia made her own way in the world and my goodness, she looks amazing to boot. “Yes, I said,” I’d swap with Celia Sawyer, head off to one of my homes in Barbados in my private jet, go filming (you know how much I love that sort of attention) and be a top interior designer with a client list of very well-known celebs. And get to wear some of her amazing shoe collection!

Imagine then my HUGE delight when Celia Sawyer read and reviewed Life Swap. Yes – she did!

This is her review:

“Life Swap… what a book! I rarely read anything other than business books but I am so glad I took the opportunity to read this new novel by Carol Wyer. Life Swap, what can I say; it’s entertaining, witty, intelligently written and each page makes you smile. All of us have those ‘uh-oh’ moments in life and this novel makes us see the brighter side and that everything works out in the end. Laughter really is the best medicine – pick up this book and read it for yourself” – Celia Sawyer
Business Woman. Interior Designer. TV Personality. Ambassador for the Prince’s Trust, British Heart Foundation, Well Child, Children’s Liver Disease Foundation, Women’s Refuge, Board Advisor for Football for Peace
Official Columnist for the Mail Online, Hello! & now the Huffington Post
Voted in the Top 100 Most Influential Business Entrepreneurs in the UK

dianeI have someone else to mention and thank for helping me with this book. Diane Croad who’s been my blogging buddy and friend since I first started writing helped me hugely with the dog characteristics of the delightful Dolce and Gabbana whose names I “borrowed” from my lovely friend Celia (Another Celia)  AKA High-Heeled life – another blogging friend – whose furbabies are very cute indeed.

Alfred who was the inspiration for the two dogs that chew Polly’s socks is also mentioned at the end of the book. Thank you Sir Alfred.


Life Swap is the funny story of what happens when the impossible is made possible and two people are able to start over again. All however, is not as they expect.

LIFE SWAP little imageShe wanted a new life and true love. But the grass isn’t always greener on the other side…

All Polly has to her name is a string of failed relationships and a mountain of debt. She sees herself as a hopeless case and would do anything to change her luck.

So when she’s given the opportunity to swap all she’s ever known for a life of luxury, Polly jumps at the chance. Soon, it’s all diamonds, spa days and celebrity parties. Now all that’s missing from her life is a bit of romance. Will hunky Matt be the man to heal her broken heart?

But money can’t always buy you happiness. Can the life she’s always dreamed of get in the way of true love?

A witty, heart warming read, perfect for fans of Debbie Johnson and Carole Matthews.

Get your copy NOW Amazon UK or Amazon US