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60andmeI was recently approached by a rather splendid website called Sixty and Me. The administrators of the site had visited this blog, read my tweets and thought it would be fun to have me write a few “amusing” articles for them and so they invited me to be one of their guest bloggers. I was very flattered. It’s an impressive site and they have some exceptionally good guest bloggers there.

You know me, any opportunity to encourage people to age disgracefully and I’m off like a greyhound out of a trap so I penned a few posts. The first went live two weeks ago and is entitled “7 Fun Ways to Feel Sexy at Sixty”. Mr Grumpy is still guffawing at the title and is being most rude about my efforts.

Why don’t you see what you think. Whether you’re 60 or not, it is fun, valuable(!) advice. Please share the article on the Sixty and Me website and leave a comment there too:

“Right about now, you’re probably groaning and thinking here we go, another article about dyeing my hair and going to the gym and do I care about being sexy anyway?

Aha! You’re wrong.

Why We Should All Be Sexy at 60

I have a very different approach to ageing. Basically, I think we should all work with what we’ve got. Studies reveal that at sixty we are more confident about our bodies than we were in our fifties and are keen to try out new activities and, in many cases, enjoy new relationships.

Should you be one of the many ladies who are not feeling that way yet, why not try out a few suggestions from my “how to feel instantly sexy” guide. If nothing else, they will help you meet new friends, feel healthier and give you more confidence.

Here are a few suggestions from the guide.’

Click HERE to open a new window and read the full article at Sixty and Me website.