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Mel in pinkOne of the hottest books this year comes from Marcie Steele, the pen name used by top author Mel Sherratt who also writes crime.

Marcie is a romantic at heart and has always wanted to write about characters who were not necessarily involved in the darker side of life. Coffee, cakes and friends are three of her favourite things, hence Stirred with Love for her first book writing as Marcie Steele. Her second, That’s What Friends are For, was published in December 2015 and now I am delighted to say we can get our hands on The Second Chance Shoe Shop released yesterday.

I am thrilled to be one of the lucky bloggers hosting Marcie, so without further ado, let me introduce Mel – I mean Marcie.

Before we chat about your new release I have some nice easy questions for you. Just ignore Mr Grumpy hovering over you. He’s bit star struck today.

‘The Dandy’ or ‘Bunty’?

I think I must have been a Bunty girl. Although I know I’ve definitely spent a lot of time reading The Beano. And I also used to devour Jackie.

‘Top Cat’ or ‘the Magic Roundabout’?

It is definitely top cat for me. I absolutely loved it! And I still know the words to the theme tune.

So does Mr Grumpy. He got a Top Cat DVD for his birthday. Oh no … he’s going to sing …”Close friends get to call him TC …”  

Quick, let’s move on. Who is your favourite Mr Men character?

Hmm… they weren’t my thing so I’m going to make up my own name and say it would have to be Miss Shoe Queen.

I love that idea. I think they should actually write in that character. Did you ever play with ‘Play-Doh’ or own a ‘Stylophone’?

I definitely played with Play-Doh. I can also remember having all the different colours of plasticine and then trying to make shapes out of them, and trying to keep all the different colours separate but by the end of the session they would always be in one big grey messy ball.

I didn’t have a stylophone but I can clearly remember having an electric organ and driving my mum nuts by playing it all the time.

I had an organ too. I only knew how to play The Yellow Rose of Texas. It drove my mum bonkers as well. If you went to Disney Land what would you most look forward to?

Being hugged by Goofy! I had a hand puppet of him and Donald Duck when I was a nipper. You see, I was always talking to myself…

What was the worst fashionable item you ever wore? (Please tell me you had a thigh length white plastic boots or something!)

It has got to be a ra-ra skirt with leggings and pixie boots. I mean, come on!

What was the first item of make-up you ever owned and how old were you when you got it?

I was about twelve when I first experimented with my mum’s black eyeliner and blue eyeshadow and can remember being told by my dad that I wasn’t going out looking like some erm, woman of the night. My first makeup owned was Rimmel – can’t recall how old I was but I had a Saturday job at sixteen so it would definitely have been before that. I was distraught when they discontinued Rimmel and ecstatic when they brought it back. Although my colours are far more ‘classic’ now.

Given this is a humorous blog and I happen to know you have a great sense of humour, can you please tell us a short joke?

Knock knock.
Who’s there?
Peter who.

Sorry it makes me giggle anyway.graphics-laughing-560039

What makes you laugh most?

Reading silly things on social media. I saw a post on Facebook the other day of screenshots of phone conversations where predicative text had gone wrong and the message had been sent. I was crying with laughter so much that my fella told me off! And I still couldn’t stop laughing. I like all the cute videos too. But there is nothing better than a belly laugh with my best friend.

You are standing in front of a Pick ‘n’ Mix stand which sweets are you most likely to choose? (I’d go for those Gummi Bears – yum!)

Always the liquorice allsorts.

What was the first CD you ever purchased?

Now That’s What I Call Music – no numbers, because it was the first one. No, wait. That was a cassette! I can’t remember! How weird – I can recall the first single record I bought. Booker T and MGs – Green Onions. I was a bit of a mod back in my day.

Excellent! Right, onto you and your books … What genre do you write?

I write in two genres. I write psychological thrillers and gritty crime and I also learnt women’s fiction under the name of Marcie Steele.

Who is your favourite character in your books?

My favourite character is DS Allie Shenton. She is a vulnerable character, always having to keep her emotions in check, but is kick ass when necessary.

Where do you think up your ideas for stories?

Anywhere and everywhere. Because I write about down-to-earth storylines and people, I only have to listen to the news or read an article and I’m away.

What do you do to help you concentrate on writing?

I have to have an hour before I start writing to either write today’s blog post or do a blog post for someone else or clear my emails for the day because if I don’t do this than I stress about them and I procrastinate rather than get down to writing. I find that if I do a few admin tasks first off, I can then switch off to write from nine until 12 and not feel guilty. I can continue with the rest of the admin in the afternoon.

Could you please put a few brief words about you – something that doesn’t show up on your website. Surprise us!

When I was 11 years old I won my first and ever prize. I had to write an essay for a writing competition and I was one of 20/60,000 schoolchildren who won an adventure holiday. I met Valerie Singleton (of the big blue knickers fame) and she signed my T-Shirt. I never got a Blue Peter badge though.

allsortsMarcie, it has been a huge pleasure having you on my blog. Mr Grumpy would like to present you with a box of his favourite sweets as a thank you. (You are honoured. He never shares them with anyone. Please come by again and we wish you huge success with The Second Chance Shoe Shop.


The Second Chance Shoe Shop

The-Second-Chance-Shoe-Shop-KindleAll Riley Flynn wants is to meet someone who makes her happy. But attracting the right kind of man is not easy, and with her heart still hurting from her last break-up, Riley believes she’ll never find love again.

A year ago, Sadie Stewart’s whole world was shattered when her husband, Ross, died. She has struggled to keep herself together for the sake of their young daughter, but with the anniversary of his death approaching, Sadie finds herself overwhelmed by grief.

Sadie and Riley work at Chandlers shoe shop, in the charming town of Hedworth. But when Chandlers is threatened with closure, the friends are confronted with the loss of not only their jobs, but also their support network – the glue that holds them together when they are close to breaking.

As they put together a plan to save their beloved shop, Sadie realises that she might just be learning to live again. Could it be that new beginnings are just round the corner? The campaign also finds Riley unexpectedly crossing paths with charming photographer, Ethan. Maybe her second chance at love is right under her feet …

A delightfully romantic tale of love, friendship and putting your best foot forward, for fans of Carole Matthews and Amanda Prowse.



The Second Chance Shoe Shop by Marcie Steele is a totally fabulous, brilliant book. Don’t take my word for it. Read what others say including:

‘The Second Chance Shoe Shop is that rarest of treats, a story filled with warm and wonderful characters who feel like your best friends from the first page.’ – Tilly Tennant

’Wow! I read this beauty in one day, I just couldn’t put it down! A wonderfully uplifting book, full of friendship and love in the face of some tough times. Marcie Steele is my go to author to add some sparkle and fun into my reading!’ – Bibliophile Book Club

’wonderful characters brought to life by a great writer … A heart-warming, feel good story. Bang up-to-date with the use of social media. #amustreadbook.’ – Pam McIllroy, Pamreader

’This book had me wanting to grab my heels and organise a flash mob! … thought provoking, heartwarming and a great addition to my top reads of the year.’ – The Blossom Twins Blog

’If you are looking for an uplifting read with laughter, tears, friendship and shoes, then this is the perfect fit!’ – Portobello Book Blog


The Second Chance Shoe Shop is available Amazon UK  or Amazon US


Find out more about Marcie at her website or Twitter or Facebook

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