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postitIn spite of laughing a lot (see post below about memory) I’ve got to a point where if I don’t write something down, I am likely to forget it. I’m like a plate-spinner trying to keep all my plates spinning on their poles at the same time. Mr Grumpy claimed it’s down to my age and went back to reading his paper.

Anyway, so much has been happening over the last few weeks, I’ve not had the chance to stay on top of it all and now have numerous notes reminding me what to do, all over my desk.

According to one yellow one, I am the guest author today at Mim’s cafe and coffee shop in Cannock. This is great. If only I could remember what I am supposed to do? Do I speak about my books or about what I’ve read recently or … do I just eat cake and try to look interesting? Maybe I should take my author business cards along in case anyone turns up. Better write a note to remind myself. And another to tell me to check train times. And the route.

Another, in luminous green, reminds me to complete several written interviews ahead of the release of my new book. Life Swap is out in less than three weeks and there is a lot of buzz surrounding it. I am indebted to all of those who have reviewed the book or interviewed me on their blogs. Now, have I filled out this questionnaire about my likes and dislikes already? I can’t remember. I don’t seem to have written a note saying I have done it.

The rather large post-it note directly in front of me reminds me I have five posts to write for the Huffington Post, Silver Travel Advisor and website Sixty and Me….better ge those done. Well, I would if I could find the note with all the topics on it.

This scrawled note on the back on an envelope informs me I have a phone interview at 10:30am tomorrow but it doesn’t tell me who with. Is it a journalist or my mum?

This block of notes are to alert me to the fact I need to schedule some posts for this blog. There are all sorts of interesting articles and interviews coming up … if I can recall where I filed all the photographs to accompany them.

This book, next to the laptop, is stuffed with notes for my next book – research, character sketches and the like. I really want to get on with writing this but I haven’t time yet. It’s doing my hea din, carrying around all these characters and plots. I look at the notebook longingly and write a post it note to remind myself to take it with me in case inspiration hits me as I travel to Cannock today. Then, I write another to remind myself to clear out my large handbag so the notebook can be transported. It won’t fit in the bag I was going to take.

These scribbles on this sheet of A4 tell me I have to go to the dentist, collect my new glasses from the optician, pick up some dry cleaning I left two months ago, put the bin out, book train tickets, phone the garden centre about some hedging, and so on – house things.

Over here, I have a diary of where I am expected to be – oh crumbs! I forgot I was supposed to be in York then. It now clashes with a radio interview. Better rearrange my calendar.

This orange note has “5th April” written in large letters. It’s to remind me it’s the start of the new tax year today and Grumpy will demand all my tax details by the end of the week. He insists on being the first person in the country each year to file his and my tax returns. I haven’t begun to search out all my receipts and details to complete mine. Better make a note to do it tonight when I get back. Maybe I can pull anothe rall-nighter. It’ll be the fifth in a row but sleep is over-rated right?

This is my small diary that tells me what I need to prepare for … three weeks to my book launch … aaaargh!

And this very large blue note reminds me to stop typing at 5:30 pm and go cook Grumpy some dinner or he’ll starve…oh better go to the shops and buy some food again. We’ve only got gummy bears  and easter chocolate left in the cupboard. Must make  anote of what we need to buy.

Just to add to the general confusion, old grumpy-guts and I have been travelling and making new videos for The Grumpy Channel. We’ve got a corker coming up in a couple of weeks for you to watch. I really must unpack the case from the last trip. I’m sure that washing is beginning to pong.

Anyway, I have remembered that tonight you can hear my interview with Jennie Carr on The Travel Show about where to go for a Winter break. Tune in by clicking the link HERE and selecting “Listen Live’. The show begins 6pm BST. Good thing I wrote a note, eh?