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masterpieceYou know I have a mission in life to make people laugh – from my books, articles and blog posts to my daft jokes on social media sites and stand up routine. Many wonder why I am so passionate about it but you see, I happen to know it’s not just good for you, it’s essential to well-being. I am going to post a variety of posts that support my arguments to prove you need to laugh more.

Maybe I am preaching to the converted given you all come here to read my bonkers posts – thank you if you are regular followers. If not, then read on and then make sure you return, especially on a Friday when we share jokes from around the world.


Taken from an article written by Emma Innes

Could laughter be the best way of improving memory? Older people had better short-term recall after watching comedy
The stress hormone has a negative impact on memory, researchers found
When a person laughs, they have lower levels of cortisol in their bodies

From tying knots in handkerchiefs to writing on our hands, we’ll try anything to avoid forgetting something important.
But a study has found that laughter could be the best way of improving memory.
U.S. researchers say older people are more likely to remember something if they have been laughing.

This is because laughter reduces stress levels – and stress can have a negative effect on memory, ABC News reports.
Scientists at Loma Linda University, in California, asked 20 healthy adults to watch an amusing video for 20 minutes.
At the same time, another group were asked to sit calmly without watching a film

Following this, both groups performed a memory test and had saliva samples taken and tested for the stress hormone cortisol.
The results showed that the people who had watched the funny video performed better in the short-term memory test than those who had not been laughing.
They also revealed that the levels of cortisol in the saliva of people who had been laughing were much lower.

‘Learning ability and delayed recall become more challenging as we age,’ study author Gurinder Bains told ABC News.
‘Laughing with friends or even watching 20 minutes of humour on TV, as I do daily, helps me cope with my daily stressors.’
He added that people who are less stressed tend to have a better memory.
This is because laughter increases the level of endorphins in the body and this sends dopamine to the brain, providing a feeling of happiness and reward.
This changes the activity of brain waves resulting in improved memory, the researchers say.
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