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I’m not sure if Mr Cameron read my article in Silver Travel Advisor or listened to me on The Travel Show talking to Jennie Carr before he chose to head off to Lanzarote but in my opinion he picked a great place to hang out for Easter. It is definitely less #lanzagrotty than you may imagine. The Marina Rubicon off Playa Blanca, is stylish and upmarket with smakrt bars and cafes. It has hosted clebes such as hotelier and Hotel Inspector Alex Polizzi, and when we were there in December, the team for Rip Off Britain were filming.

In case you’re not convinced yet, tune in to The Travel Show on April 5th at 6pm. You can listen by clicking the link HERE. You’ll hear me explaining why you should get booked up now.

And, in case that’s not enough for you. Here is our latest Grumpy Travel Show video which we filmed in March in Lanzarote. I apologise for the sound quality but by gum, it was a windy day when I filmed and old grumpy wouldn’t speak up no matter =how many times I asked him to. Yes, the grumpy is finally on film. I kno you’ve all been dying to meet him so here he is!


So, now you know!