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dayinlifeI was very honoured to be featured on Louise Jensen’s Fabricating Fiction blog earlier this week in a new feature called A Day in the Life.

OCD, insomnia, slow cookers, grumpy and jelly sweets, it’ll help explain why I am a tad on the bonkers side.

“I’m so pleased continue my ‘Day in the Life of…’ series by welcoming Carol Wyer onto the blog. From the moment I first laid eyes on Carol’s fabulous blog Facing 50 with humour (He who laughs…lasts) I knew I’d love her books and I was right. Life Swap, the story of Polly and Simon is hugely entertaining and there’s a brilliant, unexpected twist, but as well as the quirky humour there are also moments that made me think about my own life and realise how grateful I am for what I have. The grass isn’t always greener. So how does Carol spend her days? I was expecting something a little bit bonkers and I wasn’t disappointed!”

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