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12631257_10153814744473376_1302096829_oMr Grumpy looked at me in astonishment when I joined him in the kitchen at breakfast the other day. ‘What on earth is the matter?’ he gasped, taking in my appearance.

Fat, blobby tears had erupted from my eyes and I had two fat slugs of mascara chasing each other down my cheeks. I snivelled and gulped. ‘This,’ I said, thrusting my iPad at him. He read, eyes narrowed in concentration then nodded. ‘Ah, I see,’ he replied as a large smile broke across his face.

This is what he read:

“Prepare yourself for a book that you will probably remember the day after you read it. Prepare yourself for a book that will have you wondering ‘what the fried eggs is going on?’. Prepare yourself for a book that will leave you that puzzled to the point of being unable to put it down. But more importantly, prepare yourself to be transported into a story that will make you look at your own life a little bit differently….”

Before reading the Life Swap, I did the unthinkable. I didn’t read what it was about so I took it by its lively and bright looking cover and title. I straight away assumed that it was going to be about one person wanting a better life for themselves. Ever seen ‘The Holiday’ with Kate Winslet? I thought it was going to be similar to that. I know it is wrong to assume, however, it makes a much better surprise if you do in the book world. Brace yourselves, it’s not often I admit this so I am just telling you, you can keep a secret right? I was wrong, completely wrong. It was nothing like ‘The Holiday’. Lives were swapped, but not in the way that you might think.
Life Swap starts by the hunger inducing, wonderful thoughts of…..marshmallows. Yes, the book begins with marshmallows! If you’re not a fan of them, don’t let it put you off the book though, I mean, it’s not like it’s a talking marshmallow! No really, it’s not! At the beginning you’re introduced to Mr Simon Green, a car salesman with a wife and two children. Oh, and a cat. I won’t mention the cat too much, not that I have anything against cats, but, oh you’ll see! Mr Green is unhappy in his current life and wishes for his troubles to disappear (don’t we all). He wishes for the typical thing, happiness. Luckily for him, strangers come to the ‘rescue’ and promise him that things will change for the better and that a happier life is before him. Or is it?
Meet Polly MacGregor. An unlucky in love sports therapist that adores spending money on things she doesn’t really need. Polly is also unhappy in her life because of problems facing her that could ruin everything. She could lose everything. No wonder she wants a new life, a life full of luxury and without problems. Unexpectedly, Polly gets promised the world also, beckoning her into a life that she desires. A life swap. But is it really what she desires?
Throughout the story you will swap between the two main characters, their lives and their ‘new’ lives, with every chapter leaving you will something to think about and laugh about. Go with the story, because you’ll be truly kicking yourself at the end. Don’t blame me if you hurt yourself though!
If you’re into weird and wonderful humour, then expect the unexpected because you’re in for an absolute treat. It’s so bizarre and hilarious to the point that you will be guaranteed to remember it. Lose yourself in the joys of what unfolds before your very eyes. Laugh out loud. This is definitely a book for relaxing and to not take things so seriously. It’s my feel good book of 2016 so far!”

Read the whole review at –The Writing Garnet

When a reader/reviewer writes a review like that it has the effect of making you well up with gratitude and huge affection for the person who has enjoyed, understood and written such a comprehensive review. You want to cut the reviews out and frame them on your wall and shout to the world ‘Look, someone loved my book!” You want to dance a silly dance in the kitchen and wave your tea towel high in the air and sing loudly. (Sorry about that MrGrumpy.)

At the same time, you feel humble and so very, very thankful. So, the tears were real but they were happy tears and Mr Grumpy got an extra slice of celebratory toast for breakfast.

This is not a promotion for my book. It is a genuine heartfelt thank you to all of you who review books. You have no idea how much it means to a writer who has poured heart and soul into their work. They will have sweated for months over characters, plots, edits and gonethrough a myriad of emotions form feeling they are useless and their work is lousy to euphoria when the editor approves it or someone like you says they have enjoyed it.

Without your reviews we would not attract readers and would suffer real lows of confidence.

Finally, the hugest of thanks to Kaisha from The Writing Garnet for this amazing review. You have made me a very happy writer.


I am linking this post up to the #Talkofthetown hosted by Shaz from Jera’s Jamboree and Heidi from Cosmochicklitan today to shout out to all of you who read our books and write reviews for them. Thank you all.