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Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 09.44.27I was browsing around the web the other day, supposedly researching for my book but actually getting distracted by social media and I met a very interesting woman, Lisa Eve, who has created a superb website called The Happy Channel.

Well, you know me –  anything “happy” has to be worth exploring and indeed this website is. It is filled with videos and links to inspire, cheer and make you you gasp. You can watch a dog going wild on a trampoline, pick up tips on how to be happy, sing along with a heart-lifting song and much, much more.

Lisa Eve’s ‘happy’ journey began back in 2007. As she says:

“I knew the world needed a pick-me-up. On this journey I received amazing life lessons through travel and exploration, and after a move to Maui, I found myself living in happiness like never before!
I knew then it was time to create and share The Happy Channel with YOU!
A labor of love, as I continue to grow and expand, the site grows and takes on an experience of its own!
This experience is reflected by my commitment to living life, fully! Since living on Maui, I have also lived on Kaua’i and I currently reside in South FL. Who knows where I’ll go next!
I love to share the happy and it is my mission to bring smiles, inspiration and delight back into people’s lives!”

So goo along, browse the categories and read the articles you fancy and sign up for happy fix. It is well worth it. #FindYourHappy

Click HERE to open a new window for The Happy Channel