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tvThe 70’s was a great time for television, with UK clasics such as Rising Damp, The Benny Hill Show and On The Buses sitting alongside US imports like Star Trek, Taxi, Kojak and yes, even Dallas. Studies have shown that those of us who were children in the 1970s are the happiest generation and I wonder if that is in part to some of the shows we watched or listened to.

It has also been proven that a little trip down nostalgia alley does you good so in order to get you reminiscing, here’s a little quiz I was sent. Apologies to my friends abroad who might not know some of the shows I mention. Please feel free to add your own memories in the comment section and get us all remembering a time when we ate black jacks, raced about on Chopper bikes or roller skates and played marbles.
1. Benny Hill had a Christmas Number One in 1971 with which of his TV show characters?
a Eric
b Ernie
c Earl

2. What was the name of the car in the Dukes of Hazzard?
a General Lee
b Corporal Jones
c Sergeant Smith

3. What character did Dennis Waterman play in the TV programme The Sweeney?
a Detective Sergeant Jim Carter
b Detective Sergeant John Carter
c Detective Sergeant George Carter

4. What was the name of the assistant to Charlie in Charlie’s Angels and served as the face of the Townsend Agency?
a Jeff Beasley
b Jack Barsley
c John Bosley

5. What was the name of Frank Spencer’s wife in Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em?
a Beryl
b Betty
c Bessie

6. What was the name of the family the Fonz stayed with in the TV series Happy Days?
a The Cunningham family
b The Callaghan family
c The Costello family

7. What was the name of the character played by Warren Mitchell in Till Death Do Us Part?
a Alf Emerald
b Alf Garnet
c Alf Diamond

8. What does CHiPs stand for in the American TV drama?
a California Highway Patrol
b Colorado Highway Patrol
c Central Highway Patrol

9. What was the name of the father in the series Steptoe and Son?
a Alfred Steptoe
b Albert Steptoe
c Arthur Steptoe

10. What did the ‘T’ stand for in Captain James T. Kirk’s name?
a Theodore
b Tarquin
c Tiberius

11. Who owned the iconic car from Starsky and Hutch?
a David Starsky
b Police HQ
c Kenneth ‘Hutch’ Hutchinson

12. What planet did Mork come from in the TV comedy Mork & Mindy?
a Urc
b Arc
c Ork

13. What year did the popular TV drama Dallas start?
a 1976
b 1977
c 1978

14. In Diff’rent Strokes, Arnold and Willis were taken in and looked after by a rich white Park Avenue businessman and widower named?
a Richard Drummond
b Phillip Drummond
c Brian Drummond

15. In the popular British TV sitcom Rising Damp, what was the name of the character played by Don Warrington?
a Philip
b Rigsby
c Spooner



  1. b Ernie
  2. a General Lee
  3. c Detective Sergeant George Carter
  4. c John Bosley
  5. b Betty
  6. a The Cunningham family
  7. b Alf Garnet
  8. a California Highway Patrol
  9. b Albert Steptoe
  10. c Tiberius
  11. a David Starsky
  12. c Ork
  13. c 1978
  14. b Phillip Drummond
  15. a Philip