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I spend a lot of time online researching and looking out for amusing bits and pieces that I think you might enjoy. I often get quite carried away especially when I find a new site packed full of information that interests me.

In searching for some jokes for my Feel Good Friday post last week, I stumbled across Jenn Flynn-Shon’s blog which has all sorts of useful help, suggestions and stuff for writers from protecting your self-published online writing from theft to using your blog as a marketing tool and much more. This lady knows her stuff.

I met up with Jenn on Twitter and she kindly let me “steal” the funny below.

If you get a chance drop by her blog and say hello. It is full of fun fiction and self-publishing tips if you are starting out as a writer. I reckon almost any question you have will be answered there, so go and hang out there for a while.


Click HERE to open a new window and go to Jenn’s blog.