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LIFESWAPKINDLEI hope you don’t object if I indulge in a little trumpet-blowing today. As regular followers will know Life Swap, my ninth book – crumbs – have I written that many?- will be released on April 22nd and is currently available for review on Netgalley.

Netgalley is where all the reviewers hang out and get free books they fancy from publishers ahead of their release. In exchange, they write reviews and publish them on Goodreads, blogs and eventually on Amazon. It is a super win-win for writers and reviewers – that is if the book is enjoyed. Write a duffer of a novel and you will have to put up with the consequences.

Us writers adore reviewers. Honestly. Without them no one would ever get to hear about our books. A good review has the power to make a writer walk on air all day and boosts their confidence hugely. (Many of us suffer from “eek” syndrome – also known as “Eek! Is my book good enough? No, I bet  it isn’t. Oh why did I write it? What happens if no one likes it?” syndrome.)

If you enjoy a book, spend a couple of minutes telling everyone why. Even if you only write a few words on Amazon your review will be hugely appreciated.


Life Swap is a bit of a departure for me. It’s still chockablock full of humour but is part thriller and has a whopper of a twist that has managed to flummox everyone so far. I wanted to see if I had what it takes to surprise an audience and judging by the reviews, I have.

I wasn’t aware of how many times it had been downloaded from Netgalley and when I  the first review for it appeared, I was totally blown away. It came from and avid reader who blogs at The Book Magnet.

Soon after, other reviews appeared along with messages on Twitter screaming “How could you? Wonderful!” Then I spotted Facebook reviews that made me squeal in delight. Yesterday, I decided it was time I popped along to Goodreads to see if anyone had posted a review there. Boy, had they? I scrolled through them all and made little “Whoop!” noises.


“Life Swap is such great fun and hugely entertaining with an amazing twist at the end that I didn’t see coming at all.” Michelle Ryles




“… Couldn’t read its fast enough. Hugely entertaining, and enormously original, this clever little gem had me laughing in my seat. Or should I say glued to my seat. It was hard to pull away once I began this infectiously amusing adventure. My hats of to the author as I sit here in her praise.” Brenda Perlin


“Do yourself a favor and go to Amazon and hit the order button on Life Swap. I know, it doesn’t come out until the endish of April but if you pre-order it now then it will automatically show up on your Kindle (or app) then and you can read it and thank me. (Added bonus: it’s only 99 cents. Believe me … I would be telling you to go pre-order it if it was 5 times that!)” Karen





” …what I will say is if you enjoy a fun, funny and overall excellent book then pre order this now or run out to the book store in April when it is released and pick it up, you won’t be disappointed!!” Kierann Davey


LIFESWAPTWITTER2So, thank you to everyone who has downloaded the book and taken trouble to write a review. I have collected them all and put them in a virtual file. You have lifted my spirits, made me feel happy and made me appreciate how fortunate I am. You’ve also given me the encouragement I needed to try my hand at writing thrillers. Yes, I shall be embracing my dark side soon.

All of which leads me to say, are you tempted to pre order Life Swap yet? If so, head to Amazon and click that button. It’s only 99 pence/ 99 cents so grab a copy and see if you agree with the reviewers.