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Regular followers of this blog will know I have waxed lyrical about humorous writer Robert Bryndza, author of the Coco Pinchard series. Well, Robert has written his debut crime thriller – the first of a series and what a book it is! I grabbed a copy from Netgalley because as soon as I saw the cover, I couldn’t wait for its date of release.


Amazing, isn’t it? And this what I thought of The Girl in The Ice


The Girl in The Ice is one of those books you begin, thinking you’ll read a chapter or two, then get so absorbed in it you look up four hours later only to discover you forgot to do the housework and cook dinner.
The book, the first in a series, introduces Detective Erika Foster, who is returning to work following the horrific death of her husband. I dislike wishy-washy, female lead characters so I found myself drawn to Erika, empathising with her and cheering as she takes on colleagues in her quest to find justice for the victim. Like all good heroes, she is flawed. She makes errors of judgment, crosses lines and loses her temper, all of which add to her appeal and make her distinctly human.
Erika is assigned to a case in London where a stunning, gregarious socialite has been found brutally murdered and encased in ice. It transpires she’s the daughter of a prominent politician so the heat is on to find the killer. As the layers are unpeeled, Erika discovers not only has the girl been harbouring dark secrets but politics and bureaucracy are mudding the waters and she will need to employ unorthodox methods to work out the identity of the murderer. She takes them all on in an attempt to find justice for the victim.
Nothing delights me more than a tingling, edge-of-your-seat thriller that keeps me guessing to the end and Girl in The Ice is one such thriller. At times, I actually found myself holding my breath as I raced through pages at pace.
Robert Bryndza’s sortie into a world of crime and psychologically damaged souls makes for a gripping read and I can’t wait to read more of this genre from this talented author.


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