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It’s been a while but normal service is about to be resumed on this blog. It had to take a back seat while I wrestled with edits, new books, grumpy, Christmas and travelling. I didn’t exactly wrestle with the last option but it did keep me offline.

I’m testing out a mini project to go with my humorous book Grumpies On Board which is getting a cover makeover in preparation for the final of The People’s Book Prize award in May 2106.

The grumpies are producing a series of short videos with recommendations for trips and gripes. Below you’ll find our first effort. When I say first, it took over an hour to produce the five minute video because every time I started filming someone walked into the lounge, including a cleaner who decided she would hoover while I was filming.

Below is the seventh take because having done my perfect piece to camera, I found out I hadn’t pressed the record button. It is a very grumpy old lady who is filming this version.

Please would you click the ‘like’ thumbs up button on YouTube for me so I can gradually build up the channel. We’ll be filming again next month and will have another recommendation (or not) for you.

Here we go: