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todolistSince you’ve clicked on this post, I’m assuming you are a light-hearted soul who craves a little bit of silly in your life. I have to admit to being like that and a few weeks ago, had you been in the supermarket, you would have spotted Mr Grumpy and I dancing in one of the aisles to a loud dance track being played over the tannoy.

Inspired by the adventurous Fran who sent me the ‘to do’ list on the left, I have compiled a few more daft ideas for you to try out. After all, what’s the point in being serious all the time?

Oh, by the way, I take no responsibility for any outcome. And, if you try to run through a department store, stark naked wearing only a lamp shade on your head, I shall deny knowing or encouraging you. 😉


My top ten very silly things to do:

  1. Go into McDonald and order a Happy Meal with extra happy.
  2. Do a few laps in the next revolving door you encounter.
  3. Take a small desk into a lift (elevator). When people get in, ask if they have made an appointment.
  4. Wearing a business suit, walk around a toy store playing with the toys really enthusiastically until they ask you to leave. (I especially liked the space hopper.)
  5. Sit in your parked car wearing sunglasses and point a hairdryer at passing cars.
  6. Walk into Sea World with a fishing rod.
  7. Freely distribute mini bottles of blowing bubbles in crowded public places.
  8. Skip to the supermarket entrance from your car.
  9. Go into a fitting room and yell loudly, “Hey! We’re out of toilet paper in here!”
  10. Walk the opposite way on an escalator.

If you can think of any other silly things to try out, please leave a comment and let’s share the silliness.