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grumpy_cover frontIt’s a humble Facing50 who is writing today. I have to ask you a favour yet again. Grumpies On Board has made it to the first round of The People’s Book Prize Award and in order for it to go through to the finals, I need your vote or actually, Me and Mister Grumpy who comments in the book need your votes…lots of them. You can vote from as many email addresses as you have 🙂

Please would you take five minutes to click on the link HERE and chose the bright blue cover with ballooons on it. It is in  the non-fiction category. You will then be able to vote for it and if you choose to, leave a comment about the book.

If you have not voted on the site before, you will first need to register. That is easy. Click on the register tab at the top of the page there and supply email details and name. You will then be sent a code to use. Log back onto the site and, using the code as well as your email details you can vote. You must do the maths question too on both occassions to prove you are not a robot. It won’t be a hard one although I managed to get mine wrong!

Thank you all. I mean that most sincerely. Without your support, I would be struggling as a writer and competitions like this one really raise my profile. Please help Grumpies On Board to fly high and make Mister Grumpy smile. If he des, I might even post a photo of him.