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Marketing and advertising has always fascinated me so when I came across an article that revealed how much sponsors pay to advertise on a Formula One racing car, I came up with a super idea. Let me explain.


You might be able to see that the photograph above shows a racing car and the most important areas that sponsors use to place their adverts. It’s a bit like putting an television advert out during the morning when not many folk are glue dto the television or slap bang in the middle of Coronation Street when people will be watching prime time television (unless they’re a Grumpy who hates soap operas). If you’re happy with your audience getting a swift glimpse of your advert you place it on the tip of the nose of the car and pay out a mere 2 million pounds. If you have slightly more cash to splash, then grab the section on the wing mirror or the rear end plates for 3.4 million. If you want lots of people to see it, you place it on the wings. However, if you have made a massive pile of money and you can well afford the prime slots then choose the side of the tub (as it is called) for 6.8 million or, the side pods, air box or rear wing for 17 million.

I am always looking for new ways to advertise and some of my more imaginative ways have actually been productive – crazy but productive. (Take these suggestions for example that were posted on Indies Unlimited in Think Big.) However, rather than shell out for advertising for my books, I am going to offer my services to other writers. This is a golden opportunity for you to advertise your books to a wide audience.

For only £20, I’ll advertise your book on my bike with the advert the length of the crossbar. Let’s face it more people are likely to be able to read it than those who watch Formula One cars zooming past. Especially if they pas me as I pant up the steep drive near our house. They’d time to read War and Peace across the bike, the speed I travel. If you only have £35, I’ll place an advert on my helmet for you.

For those who’d like better exposure you can choose a slot on my Smart car. Advertise your book on the front of the car and it’ll cost you £50. Wing mirrors will cost you £100. I’d be careful choosing those advertising sections though. I’m not good at judging space and travel a lot of narrow lanes so the odd wing mirror is likely to get dented or ping off. The roof will cost you £100. That’s quite a good spot and lots of people will see it when I park in Tesco carpark and people stop to admire the gaudy colour. At least I think that’s why they’re stopping and pointing at my car. I always park right outside the supermarket, next to the trolleys, for maximum exposure. It cheeses off the disabled drivers and mothers with children but hey, advertising is advertising.

Sidepanels will be £150 – plenty of folk will see those as they overtake me doing a steady thirty miles an hour (even on the motorway) and the the rear boot will be £300 as people are always stuck behind me as I carefully navigate twists and turns, and junctions and roundabouts and traffic lights – you get the idea – and so have ample time to read the advert.


So, there you have it. Advertising for writers. If you think you’ll earn more money from this idea yourself then have a go too, although it’s probably best to discuss it with your other half before borrowing their car and applying stickers liberally over it.

Now…who’s first?