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Copy of Jim compressedIt’s a big…very big…day for top author, Jim Webster as he sees the release of well, I’ll let him tell you:

“Pace yourself,” they said. Not me; I obviously know better than that.

This is why I’ve got four books coming out in paperback, a new e-book and a book of poems all coming out on the same day, 1st August.

If I admit I didn’t organise this terribly well am I forgiven?

But to explain, my fantasy novels,
‘Swords for a Dead Lady’
‘Dead Man Riding East’
‘The Flames of the City’
‘Learning a Hard Trade’
Are now available in paperback

Find ‘Swords for a Dead Lady’ by clicking here and you’ll undoubtedly find the others.

Flotsam or JetsamBut then I had a brainwave. I’d take my hero/protagonist, Benor. I’d set some adventures in a part of his youth I’d not yet used. You can see that it was going to be an especially cunning plan, in that the books mentioned about are ‘proper books’ at about 70,000 words. These adventures of Benor would be short stories, say 20,000 words. They’re linked together as ‘The Port Naain Intelligencer’, but the first story is ‘Flotsam or Jetsam.’

Again, available by clicking here

Each story is a stand alone ‘detective’ story, or investigation. There are six of them already written, edited etc, and they’re due to come along at regular intervals.

Lambent Dreams Cover5And then, just to prove that being diverted from my task by spending a month in the lambing shed wasn’t enough, I got side-tracked into a volume of poetry.

My editor, Mike Rose-Steel is a poet. He borrowed a poetically inclined friend of Benor’s and produced 10 poems. We then had Benor do the background stuff and another local poet to do the literary criticism. What with Benor knowing nothing about poetry and the other poet being a rival, this slim volume, called ‘Lambent Dreams’ is something else.

It is already published by Spindlebox Press as a slim, 28 page hand-sewn pamphlet. This is traditional within the poetry genre. But as soon as I get time I’m sticking it on Amazon where it’ll be free for a week or so, from July 31st to August 4th.

My hope is that by leaving it free and encouraging you to download it, I might just get number one Amazon slot for the same book in Fantasy, poetry and literary criticism. It may not a particularly worthy ideal but you must admit it just has to be tried!

Anyway, remember the first day of August. Suddenly you have new things to
spend your money on, new holiday reading and a chance to appear cultured by
quoting one of Port Naain’s major minor poets.


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Jim can be found at Amazon UK + AMAZON US and his blog