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JokebioI was revamping my biography for the umpteenth time last week and happened to stumble across this post from Alexandra Franzen’s site. Her biography is nothing like the one I had been struggling with but it seemed quite a fun way to write one. This is what I came up with based on her suggestions:

Carol E. Wyer wants to live in a world where gummy bears do not rot your teeth and everyone laughs at least fifty times a day.
As a humorous writer and blogger, she’s been featured in and written for Womans’ Own, Yours, Choice, and Woman’s Weekly magazines, the Huffington Post and been interviewed on numerous BBC radio shows, NBC and Sky television and BBC Breakfast television.
When she’s not hiding in her garret writing books and articles, you can find her quaking in the wings, waiting to perfom her stand up show, Smile While You Still Have Teeth or being a Loud Mouth on BBC Radio Derby
Her books all encourage us “older folk” to enjoy life, carpe diem and laugh. Her most recently-released book — Grumpies On Board — hit the shelves in June and has attracted a lot of attention from the travel industry and means she and Mr Grumpy will have to take more holidays soon.
Discover more at http://www.carolewyer.co.uk, http://www.grumpyoldmenopause.com or http://www.facing50withhumour.com.

So, up to you if you choose to give it a go. It’ll certainly get you thinking outside the box. Here’s her post:

Need to write a bio? Like, right now? Use this.

I grow weary of hearing people talk about how haaaaaaaaaard it is to write a bio. Weary, I say!
Let’s settle this once and for all.
Here’s my bio (well, one version of it) — followed by a fill-in-the-blank, can’t-mess-it-up, Mad Libs-style template.
Please add your own personal flourishes and use it with glee.
Stop over-thinking and set your story freeee-eee!

My bio:
Alexandra Franzen wants to live in a world where emails are short, love letters are brave and every “thank you” note is scribbled by hand.
A sought-after writing instructor and communication specialist, she’s been spotlighted on The Daily Love, The Daily Muse, MindBodyGreen, Fast Company, Forbes and The Huffington Post.
When she’s not scribbling up a storm, you can find her re-reading the collected works of Oscar Wilde, watching obscene amounts of television without a trace of shame, and optimistically checking her mailbox for brown-paper packages tied up with string.
Her first book — 50 Ways To Say You’re Awesome — hits the shelves in October 2013.
Learn how to write with style, simplicity and astonishing ease at AlexandraFranzen.com.
Your turn! Fill in the prompts:
{Your name here} wants to live in a world where {describe the kind of world you want to live in}.
As a {your job title here}, {he’s / she’s} been {spotlighted / featured / showcased / honored / applauded} on {list of blogs / websites / podcasts / theaters / art galleries / places that have recognized or shared your work}.
When {he’s / she’s} not {describe whatever your normally do}, you can find {him / her} {describe whatever you do when you’re not doing … that}.
{His / Her} {first / next / latest / recently-released} {book / program / project / collaboration} — {title of your new and cool thing} — hits {the shelves / airwaves / silver screen / internet / an inbox near you} on {date}.
{Discover / learn / explore / find out} how to {describe whatever you help people to do} at {your website here}.


Taken from Alexandra Franzen