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7D6A0177I can’t thank you all enough for voting for Grumpy Old Menopause in The People’s Book Prize Awards and for the overwhelming amount of messages and emails you have been sending since the result was announced on Thursday evening.

What a night it was! I shall be getting the video link for it all from Sky but until then, here’s a quick peep behind the scenes of the night. It took place at the Stationer’s Hall near St Paul’s Cathedral. I arrived with Christina Gabbitas and illustrator Julie. We teetered into the hall, registered, then had photos taken and mingled. It was a nervous atmosphere, charged with expectation and hope. I honestly believe everyone of the authors there deserved to win a prize. The bar was definitely raised this year with some stonking good books in with a chance.

Windown and trophies

Spot the trophies below this beautiful window

I soon stumbled across Percy Publishing who last year entered Hilda Poppit AKA Lily Say. This year, they had six finalists! Two were in my category – non-fiction. We have stayed in touch since last year and I have watched the company make a meteroic rise with several high-profile celebrity authors now on their books and more waiting to come on board.

Suzan Collins, FB friend and author arrived and we managed a quick word before we were herded through into the fabulous dining hall. Suzan has also written about the event (and the lavander custard) so click here to find out more.

Sky began filming after the meal and the non-fiction prize was the first to be announced. I can say, hand on heart, I did not expect to win. I hoped I would win but competition was fierce and I was pretty certain I had just lost out. When they announced Grumpy Old Menopause as the winner it took a few seconds to register. You may not have heard my speech, so here you go. It was only allowed to be 20-30 seconds in length:

7D6A9916“In Grumpy Old Menopause for every chapter there’s a list of things you should hide from a moody menopausal woman…knives, scissors, peashooters, pepper spray…looks like I have found something else. (Brandishes new heavy trophy…gets laughs.) I owe a huge number of people a debt of gratitude-everyone who voted for the book, Safkhet Publishing, esepcially Kim and Will and my Smile Street Team (winks) I love you guys. Thanks to the People’s Book Prize and Tatiana for organising it. Finally, Mr Grumpy…it’s safe to come out of the shed now. Thank you.”

I promise not to go on about my award any more. It’s back to business from now on…if you would like to see the winners and read about their books…I recommend you do (Tim Wotton who wrote How I Have Cheated Death brought a lump to my throat with his speech about his book) click HERE

Colin and the girls

Colin Chapman, Christina Gabbitas and Julie after the event at a pub (yes, we got kicked out!)


Suzan Collins and me

Suzan Collins and me…before the meal


It’s very heavy and it’s beautiful!


The morning after!