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Carol Wyer BBC BreakfastI’m afraid you’ll get no sense out of me for the next day or two. Tomorrow the 6th People’s Book Prize Award event takes place in London and for the first time it will be televised live on Sky News. I am no stranger to the award and indeed had an absolutely fabulous time last year when How Not to Murder Your Grumpy got through to the finals and I went to the ceremony. I met some remarkable authors and have stayed in touch with several.

All was going to plan until yesterday. I have had my dress for the event for over a year saved in tissue paper especially for this occasion. I tried it on yesterday. I pulled it ove rmy head and heard a loud ripping noise. My sewing skills are not up to the damage I have inflicted on it and it has had to go away for serious repair, which left me with the dilemma of what on earth to wear.  I tried on several outfits – all of which met with Grumpy’s disapproval- and have been left with no choice than to wear what I can only decribe as a brightly-coloured rubber dress.

Tune in to Sky News at 8:20pm tomorrow night and you’ll see me…boy, will you see me…I suggest you wear sunglasses or adjust the contrast on your television before viewing. The ceremony will be broadcast live and you will either see me swinging from the chandelier, screaming in delight at winning or slumped, face in my bowl of cold soup as I attempt to drown my sorrows in a literal sense.

Hope you can join us.

All of which leaves me to say thank you. I have been humbled by the support and encouragement I have had this year. It does not matter one jot if I win tomorrow night because you have all proved to me that I am a winner. I have the best friends a person could wish for and there is no tangible reward for that. You have shown me kindness and I have been overwhelmed by the messages from you all. Thank you.

So, tomorrow night, regardless of whether I win and get to do an acceptance speech, I’d lik eto raise a glass to you all…”Cheers!”

By the way…today is the last day for voting. If you could see your way to voting for Grumpy Old Menopause in the non-fiction section that would be hugely appreciated.

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