minionA few weeks ago, a very nice friend on Facebook asked if I had considered recruiting a street team. Not knowing what a street team was I had to look it up and discovered it was a sort of fan club of people who would be willing to help promote me, my books, my events and so on. Given I spend most of my life promoting my material when I am not writing it, the idea of having some helpers on the street appealed, so I tentatively put it out on my FB page. The response was overwhelming. Thank you to everyone who contacted me and was willing to take to the streets and shout out about me and my work.

I have chosen the first group of people and we have a virtual room to hang out in. We have come up with a few ideas and the team is currently engaged in various quests. Every helper is invaluable because it means I have some time to write more.

It is not all one-sided. In return for being part of this exclusive club, members get updates, free gifts, free advanced copies of books to read and some inside gossip that I don’t divulge anywhere else. In time, welcome packs including t-shirts and postcards etc. will be distributed to anyone who joins the team. Members will get taster chapters of new books and also help decide how best to spread laughter since that is what I aim to do.

My heartfelt thanks go to the following who are all now official members of The Smile Street Gang:

Tash Blewitt * Nikki Bywater * Rachel Cowie * Linda Hobden * JB Johnston * Julie Moore * Claudia Moser * Julie Osborne * Dawn Angelfruit O’Brien * Julie Osborne * Alessandra Parodi * Doreen Porter * Manda Jane Ward * Matthew Ward (our special grumpy male)

I hope to recruit more helpers soon now I have set it up and if you are interested in being part of the Smile Street Team please let me know. I intend building the team and want to actually meet members as well in time. For now, I am extremely grateful to have such valued supporters and of course, grateful to you all too.

So, let’s see how far we can spread some laughter? After all, life is short and we should all smile whle we still have teeth!