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You haven’t heard of Jim? Well, now’s your chance to catch up with a terrific author. He may be known for his Sci Fi novels but Jim also spins a great romantic yarn too (see Romantic Heroes, published bySafkhet) and has a wicked sense of humour (he had to or he wouldn’t be allowed on this blog) that shines through in all his writing. Please check out all his books on Amazon to get an idea of what he has written. Today, however he has dropped by because he has a new release…War 2.2.  At the time of writing this, it has shot to #80 in the Amazon Kindle charts and I hope will continue to rise.

Copy of Jim compressedDarkly handsome (the photograph included is of his stunt double, Jim is better looking, more distinguished, and almost certainly younger) and in his fifties. Jim Webster lives in South Cumbria where he’s farmed all his life.
He’s combined this with freelance journalism for about forty years, and he’s been married to the same long suffering lady for thirty. There are also three adult daughters who have now sort of left home.
For relaxation he loves walking, reading (mainly ancient history) wargaming, roleplaying, and retelling the tale of the Iliad in interpretive dance.
War 2.2 is the second book set in the Tsarina sector.

TS2 War 2-2 (1)An action packed investigation, from Delta mud to the palaces of Merchant
princes, Haldar is back in War 2.2

Haldar Drom is starting to worry. The long running insurgency in the Zala
Delta suddenly starts to spiral further out of control. Who is arming the
insurgents? How and why? Then a leading local politician who is using his
influence to try and keep things calm is threatened with assassination. It’s
obvious that things are moving to a climax.

All Haldar has immediately available is a third year university student who
gets given a dissertation project she’ll never forget; young journalist who
he convinces to investigate the situation of the ground; and a retired
marine librarian whose job is to keep the politician alive. As the
investigation proceeds, from the mud of the Delta to the luxurious
surroundings of the Drake Islands, Haldar comes to realise that he may be
facing Wayland Strang’s counter-attack. Faced with a coup d’état spearheaded
by off-world mercenaries Haldar has to react quickly to stop a major war.

Short extract from War 2.2

Shelda Tinfetla prided herself on running a good department. She might, in
moments of self doubt, confess that the economics department wasn’t
prestigious, but then neither was the University of Tsarina. Still if you
were going to be head of a department, even one of the lesser departments,
it might as well be a good one.

She said good-day to Haldar and put the phone down thoughtfully. She sat
quietly for a while, mentally assessing her final year students. Idly she
glanced out of the window and with what might be considered a slight smile;
she reached for the phone, picked it up and got through to her secretary.
“Horge, could you have young Mistress Mallon come to my office at her
earliest convenience?”

Less than twenty minutes later, Letilia Mallon entered the office.
Conservatively dressed, for a student, in a long flowing dress in a score of
subtlety shifting pastel hues, she sat in the chair indicated and composed
her expression to one of rapt interest.

Shelda was, in spite of herself, impressed. She knew for a fact that fifteen
minutes previously young Letilia had been covered in oil and wearing greasy
overalls. The young woman had been struggling with the innards of an elderly
flitter that had come to what could well be its final resting place in a
corner of the quadrangle visible from the office. “Letilia, I’m glad you
could be so prompt. I have an assignment for you.”

If anything the expression of rapt interest intensified; perhaps, Shelda
mused, it was now genuine. Shelda continued. “I’ve sketched it out for you
in writing, but in simple terms you are to go down to the freight terminal
at the spaceport, report to one Gerenth Alweather, and he will give you
access to the appropriate data-files. I want you to use them to show how the
distribution of printing polymers has changed over the last twenty years. So
I’d like to see destinations, changes in purchasing patterns, changes in
production levels, knock-on effects on various other industries. Oh and any
conclusions you come to during the exercise.”

The expression of rapt interest was fighting with growing concern, but rapt
interest won. Shelda was genuinely impressed, this girl is tough. She added,
“I am sure Master Alweather with be able to assist you in getting data from
elsewhere on Tsarina.”

“When would you like the assignment handing in?”

Shelda finally succumbed to the temptation to see if she could elicit a
response. “The end of this week should give you enough time.” Yes, Shelda
finally saw panic in the girl’s eyes. Satisfied to have disrupted that
annoying calm, she added, “Thinking about it, I won’t really have time to
deal with it then; would it be too much trouble to you if we said end of the
week after?”

“No, not at all, end of next week. And the details for contacting Master
Alweather are in the notes?”

“Yes, I think you’ll find everything there. But don’t let me keep you; I’m
sure you’ve got plenty to do.”

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