Happy New Year everyone! Gosh, another year has arrived and I have been blogging for six years now. I suppose I shall soon have to change the title of the blog to Facing 60!

Anyway, I’m starting the year with a post I wrote for Seniorpreneur. Hope you enjoy it and it inspires you.

I always think a new year is akin to a brand new school notebook. You open the book, sigh in pleasure at the thought of all those fresh pages to fill, pull out your best Parker pen and write your name in large legible letters. By February, or several pages into the book, you have inevitably blobbed some ink onto the pages, made some crossings out and probably be forced to rip out a couple of pages that were badly written. By now your writing is back to its usual scrawl. You might even have drawn some faces or doodles on the front cover and the name of your favourite pop group in bubble writing on the back cover. (Or, maybe that was just me.)

champersSo it is with New Year resolutions. At our age we have done the “I’m cutting down on alcohol and/or cigarettes. I’m going to exercise more,” several dozen times and how many of those promises have we broken? More times than we would like to admit. How many of us have gym memberships only to give up attending by March?

At our age, exercise and healthy eating should be part of our lifestyles not something we decide to improve or radically change each year. Age is not a barrier to many things but fitness and poor health will preclude you from some activities and indeed some pleasures so we should constantly be monitoring our bodies and health, ensuring we eat the right foods and are active.

carpe diem journalI have not written New Year’s resolutions for many years. When I hit forty I wrote out a Bucket List although I preferred to call it my Carpe Diem* list. Each year, I chose a challenge from the list and worked towards that. Sometimes it would take all year to achieve that challenge. However, each gave me focus. It was easier to work towards one important goal than cut out butter or go jogging every day. The list became my replacement resolution list….

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