I once got a job blogging for a French recipe site. I had to quit, because it gave me the crepes.

I avoid using apostrophes in my writing. They are too possessive.

I lie awake at night sometimes worrying that my words, phrases, and punctuation will end up in court. Why? To be sentenced, of course.

As a writer, I constantly feel cold, probably because I’m surrounded by so many drafts.

I believe we can all become better writers if we network and share simile experiences.

My editor once criticized my writing. He said that double negatives were a “no-no.”

I just read a book about anti-gravity, and I’m telling you, it’s impossible to put down.

Did you hear about the blog post on oxygen and potassium? It was OK.

Did you see the blog on renewable energy? I’m a big fan.

The journalist went to Greece to see the ancient ruins and is now writing several columns about them.

The second best writing implement in the world is the pen ultimate.

Some people still think that writing long stories is a novel idea.

Poets will rule all the galaxies someday because they’re masters of the you know verse.