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You never know where life is going to take you, do you? One minute, I’m hiding in my garret churning out humorous books, then I get a daft idea to take up one of the suggestions I set out in Grumpy Old Menopause and before you know it, I am touring the Black Country and am suddenly in demand throughout the UK.

When I challenged myself to do stand-up and wrote my Smile While You Still Have Teeth (thanks Fran) comedy talk, I little expected the response to it that I have enjoyed. Last Friday, I took the talk to Halesowen library – an impressive seven-floored library, on the second floor of the shopping centre.

20141003_181958_resizedAs if that weren’t surprise enough, I found myself taken upstairs to the venue – a large theatre with seating for ninety, a proper stage and a sound and light engineer called Chris who gave me two types of microphone to use. Well, move over Michael McIntyre. I could now strut about the stage like a pro and instead of bellowing at the poor deaf ladies in the front row, could talk normally. I love microphones. Nothing makes me feel X-Factor important than being handed a microphone. The audience were very lucky I didn’t burst into my repertoire of 1970s songs…hang on, I think I might have tried to on a couple of occasions.


Jill, Jill and Sandra

I can’t thank those people enough who helped make the evening a success – Jill1, Jill2 and Sandra in particular and Chris, of course and the two lovely young ladies who sold tickets and made me very welcome, but most of all the wonderful warm audience who laughed, applauded and smiled throughout the performance, even when I went wrong and forgot my lines.

Doing stand-up/comedy talks is probably one of the hardest things I have done. It takes a ridiculous amount of preparation; that’s just the joke writing and practising to memorize the routine (I always forget about fifteen minutes every time). For days beforehand, I can’t concentrate on anything but remembering my jokes, the delivery and so on. However, when you get a response like I got on Friday night and you listen to the sound of a theatre filled with people laughing at your jokes, you get a buzz I can’t describe.

Roll on the next gig. Laughter is important. We all need a laugh from time to time. So, if I am in your area …