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I’ve not done a blog hop for a long time. I gave up because I was asked to do so many but when this came along and I was invited by THE Linda Hobden to be tagged, I agreed because I have the utmost respect for her and her fantastic fashion blog, Boots Shoes and Fashion where she interviews some top names in fashion (and me)

Linda tagged me and Hosiery For Men. We have to answer the following questions and choose two interesting and super people to pass the hop baton on to, so here goes:


1. What Am I Working On?

*Coughs*. I’m supposed to be working on the third book in the Amanda Wilson series and a Grumpy book (can’t tell you what that is about yet) but articles and features for magazines and websites, along with interviews and comedy talks have taken up all my time over the last three months, so I am behind schedule (Sorry Safkhet Publishing).

Anyway, next week, I have promised myself I’ll start preparing the new Grumpy book and in November I’ll crack on with Amanda Wilson and her next set of adventures.

2. How Does My Work Differ From Others In This Genre?

sign for authors

My sign that hangs on my office door

Crumbs, I have no idea how my work differs except I write as if I were chatting to someone, so a reader should always feel as if they are having a ‘natter’ with a friend. I also write observational humour which means I sit about, observe people, listen to their stories and eavesdrop their conversations before adding them to my latest work but I have a feeling other authors do that too!

3. Why Do I Write What I Do?

I love it. I want to make as many people as possible laugh. Laughter is a terrific tonic and when I get emails or messages from readers saying they laughed all the way through one of my books, I feel a warm fuzzy glow and sit back with a contented smile on my face.IMG_0870

4. How Does My Writing Process Work?

a) I get an idea of a story and then think about it for a few weeks.

b) l have the story sorted out. Now, I run the story through my head like watching a film. I’ll do this several times a night until I am happy with the ending, characters and so on. (And my eyes are sunken into the back of my head.)

c) I  actually write the story in notebooks. Yes, with a pencil or pen, not a computer. I write like a demon and don’t sleep, eat or anything until I have all the essential plot and story written.

d) I spend several weeks typing the story up, working on parts of it, changing dialogue, adding stuff, rejecting bits and so on.

e) I have a sleepless night ‘watching’ the film of the book in my head. It is the final copy and hopefully I am happy with it. If not, I’ll get up and make necessary changes to the script.

f) I spend the next few weeks working on the book, editing it, adding bits and changing the dialogue in places until I am satisfied with it.

g) I leave the book for at least three weeks before going over it for errors and work on another book or topic while it’s ‘resting’.

h) I ask beta readers for their feedback and send them the raw copy.

i) I act on any suggestions or any errors that have been picked up by my wonderful beta readers.

j) I give it another check for typos.

k) I send it to my publisher and cross my fingers that they will like it. Then the whole editing/proofreading/publishing process begins.


My thanks to Linda, for nominating me. I’m passing the baton onto two wonderful writer/bloggers …. Lord David Prosser whose blog barsetshirediaries is filled with subtle humour and delightful stories. He is such a gentleman too. My other choice is Bouncin’ Barb who cracks me up every time she leaves a comment on Facebook. She is a wonderfully warm and friendly person so go and see what her blog is all about, I look forward to reading their blog hops…..