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grumpystanI thoroughly enjoy doing radio shows, so when I was invited to do an hour long show during which I got to choose some of my favourite tracks and chat to presenter Grumpy Stan, I leapt at the opportunity.

Stan is one of several presenters and volunteers who give up their free time to broadcast to the local community of Tamworth and anyone who cares to listen online.

Radio has always interested me. Years ago, I went out with someone who was ‘into’ radio in a big way. He had one of those CB radio sets and we cruised the airwaves talking to fellow CBers every night but better still, he ran a pirate radio station (Thorns Radio) that operated out of a university bedsit. It was all highly irregular and slightly illegal but huge fun. I think that helped influence my love and fascination with broadcasting and I often wish I had chosen to go that route and present shows. He did and has been working for the BBC for many years, so I shan’t reveal his name!

I was brought up with radio and we often used to sit about on a Sunday listening to The Clitheroe Kid or one of the other many comedy shows that were broadcast. As I got older I tuned in to Radio Caroline or Radio Luxembourg with the small radio under my pillow, so my parents couldn’t hear and tell me to turn it off.

Radio is still popular today and of course can be listened to through television sets. Online radio stations can reach audiences that we on Thorns Radio back in the 80s could only dream of.

Anyway, I digress. That Sunday, brought home the fun of working on a radio station. It is rewarding, demanding and fulfilling but most of all it is fun. Stan is passionate about radio and his love for his ‘job’ is apparent. He isn’t alone. The others I met all shared that passion. They come from al walks of life and have different day jobs but at TCR fm they have one thing in common – the station. They are all ages. (The youngest is Charlotte, a presenter who is only sixteen) but are all linked by the same passion that is possessed by those who present on hospital radio or nationally.

Radio is a wonderful medium and as I get older, I find I am enjoying listening again rather than watch television.

If you would like to listen to the show, please click on the link HEREย scroll to the Grumpy Show and listen to the replay.

Thank you, Stan. ย By the way, he is definitely not as grumpy as Hubby – nowhere near, in fact.