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Flying at Milton Keynes with Bobby the duck

I’m going to stop banging on about the challenges I completed a week ago that were taken from the new book but before I do, I must tell you that the last challenge I did – Indoor Skydiving – was one of the most exhilarating. The fact I didn’t have to launch myself out of a plane, yet still experienced the thrill of flying, helped hugely.

Airkix offer a range of packages at any of their wind tunnels in the UK and if you are a first-time flyer you will be able to skydive in the confidence that you are safe in a large wind tunnel and won’t have to land on ground.

Want to see more?

You are treated to a thorough briefing before your skydive. (I didn’t listen to my brief as I was too busy drooling at the rather handsome instructor.) Then you get to dress up in appropriate flying kit that makes you feel like Superman/Superwoman.

Next, you gather inside the tunnel area where you sit just outside the door before going through into actual tunnel with the instructor.

The instructors are amazing! They are bubbly, professional and ensure you have a fabulous time.  If you look like you might spin out of control, they grab you. If you want to go off on a fabulous high dive, they take you up to the top of the tunnel and spin down with you. If you manage to skydive on your own, they move out of shot so you get your photo taken displaying your new skills.


Eventually you’ll be able to do this!

My advice if you have a go is:

a) Do not smile! It’s tempting to grin at the camera that takes your photo. Don’t. Your face will be forced backwards so you look like a weird gremlin.

b) Try to keep your mouth closed. Wind rushing into it and slobber can make your flight less comfortable.

c) Enjoy it. It is one of those experiences that leaves you euphoric.

After a few goes you feel hugely confident.

Cydney Hughes, who showed me around and has arranged the prize below, was extremely enthusiastic about indoor skydiving. An instructor herself, she told me how she just missed out on the longest kiss in a wind tunnel. She and her boyfriend had a go at the record but lost out to a couple from Basingstoke. (Who managed over 30 minutes attached by the lips!) You can read the story HERE. Maybe I should get Mr Grumpy to pucker up and have a go for it myself next year!

30/06/14 Weekend online pics - MK NEWS offices, Milton Keynes

TLB cover

Discover what challenges are on Charlie’s list?

So … onto today’s big prize … to celebrate the release of Three Little Birds, I have a voucher for you for 4 Indoor Skydiving flights valid in any of the Airkix locations – Manchester~Milton Keynes~Basingstoke.

Do you fancy adding indoor skydiving to your Carpe Diem list? Or, maybe you’d like it as a present for a loved one?


All you have to do is tell me about the most exciting thing you have ever done. What was it? Would you do it again. Then, share this post on social media sites. Every share is an extra entry in the hat, so the more shares, the more entries.

The winner will be announced on Friday.

Sorry, but this is a UK prize only so if you live elsewhere you can only use it if you come to the UK.