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SAM_1220 (2)What’s your favourite food? Pasta? Chicken? Pizza? What’s the most exotic thing you’ve ever eaten? Up until last week, I think the most unusual thing I have ever eaten has been squid and let’s face it, that’s not very unusual.

Last week, I took up the challenge to give my pallet something of a work out and stop being so narrow minded about my food. Kim Maya Sutton, Sheryl Browne and Charlotte Foreman all joined me at Archipelago restaurant in Cleveland Street, London near the Post Office Tower.20140813_120230_resized

Archipelago is an award-winning restaurant that is becoming one of London’s hot spots to visit, so now is the time to go and enjoy a special experience. It is rated in all the best magazines and highly rated as a romantic experience.

20140813_121149_resizedThe restaurant is stuffed full of eclectic paraphernalia, from a stuffed peacock in the window, to Buddha statues and odds and ends from all over the world. It all adds to the exotic ambience.ย Menus come on parchment scrolls or inside old books which enchanted all four of us.

You can order ‘ordinary dishes’ alongside the more exotic fair. Sheryl had salmon that came with the best cooked chips I have ever had, served in a mini fryer, while Charlotte had duck and Kim had a Feijoada, a meaty bean stew.20140813_132802_resized

Of course, it was all about tasting and trying the more exotic dishes so I opted for Cayman Islands- crocodile wrapped in vine leaves, honey poached plums and pickled samphire, Hot Marsupial – zhug marinated kangaroo skewers, candy beetroot & guindilla salad and red onion farofa, a love bug salad containing well, bugs! There were locusts and as desert, Bushman’s Cavi-err – caramel mealworms, bilinis, coconut cream and vodka jelly.

SAM_1227The food is superbly presented and trust me, you will enjoy it. Even the intrepid trio had a go at my dishes and were surprised at how good they were.

We finished our meal off with a Doctor’s Orders. Now, that is one experience you definitely want to try. I shan’t spoil it by telling you too much. You’ll have to go and find out what it is. Suffice to say, Charlotte’s mouth went numb after one sip.

Archipelago_Food_Shots_croc Archipelago_Food_Shots_hot_marsupial Archipelago_Food_Shots_lovebug_salad

You can find out all about Archipelago Restaurant by clicking the link HERE. If you are in London and want to try a new experience, go there. It’s well worth it.

If you want to see how I got on, watch the video.

I’d like to thank Kim, Sheryl and Charlotte for coming along to support me. It was huge fun. Thanks to for the photos, some of which have come from Archipelago’s website and from Sheryl Browne and to Kim Maya Sutton of Safkhet Publishing for this superb video: