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Three Little Birds flies without wings

I know it’s Friday and you should be laughing at your weekly dose of medicinal jokes but today is the big launch day for Three Little Birds so I have had to make an executive decision and move the Feel Good Friday jokes. (No booing at the back!) It is also Bert the parrot’s 4th birthday. You may know that Bert has played a significant role in the book so, altogether now, “Happy birthday, Bert!”

As you know, I have been embarking on some of the challenges from the book and I shall be saying more about that next week when I also have some incredible giveaways for you. They may change your life.


I am not drunk!

I have so many people to thank that I’ll be here all day, so I’d better keep it brief and say a massive thank you to Safkhet Publishing for not only publishing the book, producing a superb cover and coming over to the UK to promote the book this week, but for ensuring I didn’t freeze on the zipwire or I’d still be up in the trees!

I want to thank all of the kind people who beta read the book and those who have reviewed it and given selfishly of their time to post about it on their blogs.

Finally, I would like to thank all of you for buying it. You are going to buy a copy aren’t you? It could transform your life. And if it doesn’t, it’ll give you a lot of laughs.

belly dancing image for twitter

Fleur makes my belly jiggle

Horrified Duckies

Horrified Duckies


Eating locusts and mealworms.

zorb with me

After eating locusts we went zorbing!

5 Star Reviews

“Carol Wyer’s new book is one which has a very big heart.  Two friends end up swapping ‘carpe diem’ lists to complete challenges which get progressively more difficult.  However, for the heroine, Charlie, the stakes go up when the survival of the hospital radio station where she works comes to depend on her successfully completing the next challenge.  In addition, there is a lot more going on in Charlie’s life which also needs her attention, saps her energy, and drives her a little nuts.

Along the way we meet a whole cast of entertaining characters: some wacky, some fun, and a few sinister.  In Three Little Birds, Wyer offers up a warm yet page-turning yarn.  It is sentimental without descending into mawkishness, funny without descending into thoughtlessness, and above all delivers the kind of satisfying story I and many others have come to expect from Wyer’s books.  It’s the ideal lazy-Sunday-afternoon read, which just might encourage you to have a go at some of those challenges yourself!” 


“Three Little Birds had me hooked from the opening page. Once I started reading, I couldn’t put it down until I finished. It’s filled with laugh out loud moments, a few you evil woman, you’ve made me cry moments, intermingled with suspense, sexual tension and everything you’d expect to find in a romance novel, plus the ‘feathered’ man of the hour, that lovable parrot, Bert.”                        Melanie Robertson-King

STAFF 30BOOK 2Three Little Birds is available to order from all book shops or Amazon. They are showing delivery as three weeks but ignore that. They’ve run out of copies but orders are coming through quickly and in a few days. Find out more about it by clicking on the links below.

Buy from AMAZON UK  AMAZON US where you can also purchase the Kindle version.




Three Little Birds – read the book, then ‘Seize the Day’.

seize the day