mk-buildingThe last challenge. I have no idea what shape I’ll be in by the time I get to this one. I might have to forgo the opportunity after falling off zipwires, wobbling my belly, zorbing and eating locusts. If all goes to plan, I’ll be skydiving! No, not outside skydiving. I’m going to be thrown into a massive vertical wind tunnel and do an indoor bodyflight (sky dive) at Airkix

This challenge isn’t in Three Little Birds but I thought, since it was offered to me, I should give it a go. I’m curious to know if the rushing of wind at hundreds of miles an hour will, in fact, give me the appearance of having no wrinkles. It’s being videoed too, so we’ll all find out whether that’s the case. I’m also going to try and fly while holding a copy of my book and a plastic duck, although I am sure I am more likely to be hanging onto the instructor and let him hold the book. I’ll post the video if it happens. It can’t be as bad I fear, can it?


SCARE FACTOR – High…very high. In fact, why am I doing this?

EMBARRASSMENT FACTOR –  Hmm. Not sure. Depends on whether I manage to stay in the correct flying position and don’t end up being blown out of the tunnel.

DANGER FACTOR – Medium. Might head-but the instructor by accident, or strike him with my flailing arms, so his risk is probably higher.

PREPARATION DONE FOR CHALLENGE – Listening to ‘Flying Without Wings’ by Westlife.

CHANCES OF COMPLETING CHALLENGE – 20% if the instructor is good looking. 0% otherwise.


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