sphereing-rideThe fourth challenge takes place straight after the ‘Bush Tucker Trial’ (I got the timing wrong there, didn’t I?) A couple of hours after consuming all manner of food I don’t normally eat, I shall be headed to the Zorbing Park for a triple harnessed zorb. I’ve managed to book me and Kim in together so we can video the whole thing and then show you. Now, this is going to go one of two ways. I’ll scream loudly all the way down the hill and be sick when I get out of the zorb, or, I’ll scream all the way down the hill and be ill in the zorb, quite possibly over poor Kim.

Zorbing or sphereing, is akin to being whirled about in a large washing machine – not that I have tried to climb into my washing machine and experiment. Imagine a human hamster in a ball but harnessed inside. That’s zorbing.

Not satisfied with offering me the chance to go zorbing, the kind people at London’s Zorbing Park have given me a pass to go hydro zorbing too. Hydro zorbing according to their website involves “The rider/s jumping in with 60 litres of cold water if the weather’s hot or warm water (if the weather’s cold) will be plugged inside the inner pod, before being launched downhill slipping and sliding.”  The joy of it all! I will be sick, look a mess and be soaking wet to boot – great.


SCARE FACTOR – Reasonably high. I do NOT like be shaken about at all.

EMBARRASSMENT FACTOR –  Very high. The potential to throw up weaver ants is going to be quite high. Hope Kim is wearing a large plastic kagool to protect herself.

DANGER FACTOR – Medium. Even though my head is six years old and thinks this is hilarious, I am an old lady. My bones are old. This is a silly challenge for me. Why, oh why have I agreed to it?

PREPARATION DONE FOR CHALLENGE – watched my washing spin around in my machine and felt ill.

CHANCES OF COMPLETING CHALLENGE – 10% I might manage one zorb – three is not likely at all. Don’t even bet on me getting into a ball filled with water..

TLB coverWill I do it or will I back out at the last minute? Join me soon to find out. Read the book to see why Charlie agrees to a harnessed zorb and who she wants to do it with.

Three Little Birds will be released on August 15th by Safkhet Publishing. It is available from bookshops, Amazon and in paperback and eBook format. You can find out more about it and purchase links by clicking HERE.