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Love Bug Salad Archipelago Restaurant

I am dreading the third challenge. It was actually the one I intended to do quietly by myself but now my lovely publisher Kim, wonderful fellow Safkhet author Sheryl Browne and super book reviewer and tour organiser, Charlotte Foreman are joining me to ensure I complete the challenge and cheer me on. Hope they bring pom poms and ply me with wine.

My challenge, which is also Charlie’s first challenge in Three Little Birds is a sort of  ‘Bushtucker Trial’. Unfortunately, I couldn’t stretch to a jungle far away for this challenge but I discovered an incredible restaurant called Archipelago in London. This place is amazing! They serve incredibly exotic dishes such as crocodile burgers and salads of love bugs, chocolate covered locusts and mealworms in caramel alongside more recognised dishes. Their reputation is second to none. I will tell you more about it at a later date but in the meantime check it out by clicking HERE for their website. You will be astounded.

The most exciting thing I have eaten to date is a pepperoni pizza that I didn’t like. I am a fussy eater. I rarely eat meat. I won’t eat fat at all. If I eat chicken I will only have the breast meat. I have a stomach that complains unless it is fed on a diet of sweets and wine. I actually don’t like food very much these days. I seem to live on salads. The thought of eating bugs frankly makes me wrinkle my nose and want to be ill but this is a challenge that should open my narrow mind. Many people in the world eat insects on a daily basis and all the food at Archipelago’s restaurant has been responsibly sourced, is very nutritious and is beautifully prepared.

That’s all very well, but you may be like me and if the thought of carpaccio of python or weaver ant salad has you gagging then you’ll understand why I am rather hesitant about this challenge. However, with Kim, Sheryl and Charlotte watching my every move, I don’t think I am going to be able to get away with hiding a chocolate covered locust in my handbag.


SCARE FACTOR – Medium. Not so much scared as concerned I’ll throw up in public or choke on a locust.

EMBARRASSMENT FACTOR –  Medium although if I am sick and I am videoed being ill that will be mortifying.

DANGER FACTOR – Low. Unless I make a fuss and get thrown out by bouncers.

PREPARATION DONE FOR CHALLENGE – watched “I’m a Celebrity – Get Me Out of Here” and regretted watching it. Dug up a worm in the garden and tried to imagine eating it.

CHANCES OF COMPLETING CHALLENGE – 50% Not sure I’ll eat up all my food though.

TLB coverWill I do it or will I turn green and hide in the toilet? You will soon find out. Read the book to see how Charlie gets on at Archipelago and why she needs a visit from the doctor.

Three Little Birds will be released on August 15th by Safkhet Publishing. It is available from bookshops, Amazon and in paperback and eBook format. You can find out more about it and purchase links by clicking HERE.