belly-dancing-classesThe next challenge may sound easy and indeed I am really looking forward to it however, I would like to point out that I a) am still suffering from a frozen shoulder, so movement is going to be restricted and b) I am rather shy of revealing my large belly which like Susannah’s in Three Little Birds is “not so much a muffin top as an entire Madeira cake!”

However, I am going to do something I have been itching to have a go at and that is belly dancing. There are oodles of reasons why women should take up belly dancing and I shall say more about that at a later date. My second challenge is taking place at the Dance Attic Studio where the wonderful Fleur Estelle is going to give us a class and show me how to be a sexy belly dancer. She says I have a good start, I know how to laugh. Apparently that’s very good for belly dancing especially when it comes to fluttering your stomach muscles. Hmm. I think mine are more likely to wobble and I am sure Kim is the one most likely to be laughing at me trying to be sexy.

Fleur Estelle teaches classes to all levels and is highly respected so I am very much looking forward to meeting her. I am also being joined by a top photographer, Minna Rossi who is giving up her evening and bringing her wide angled lens to photograph our antics. Yes, I will post her photographs for you but rest assured I shall insist on wearing a veil so you don’t know which dancer is me.


SCARE FACTOR – Minimum. Although every time I put on my jeans I get a little more frightened the zip will break.

EMBARRASSMENT FACTOR –  High. I really don’t want to shake my booty in front of you all. So far I’ve got away with you thinking I am quite slim.

DANGER FACTOR – medium. There is a chance I could blind myself if I don’t strap my upper body down tightly enough and jiggle too much. Probably high danger factor for others once I start swinging my bum and money belt.

PREPARATION DONE FOR CHALLENGE – Eaten a lot of Haribo sweets and made my stomach very large and tried to seduce Mr Grumpy by waving a tea towel in front of my eyes as a veil. It didn’t work.

CHANCES OF COMPLETING CHALLENGE – 100% Unless I am injured from earlier in the day and fallen off the zipwire.

TLB coverWill I do it or will I fall about laughing too much to complete the challenge? Stay tuned. How did Charlie get on with her belly dancing challenge? You’ll need to read the book to discover how an exercise in fluttering leads to a hugely embarrassing moment.

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