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I have a gift for all of you. My book Love Hurts is FREE for the next five days at Amazon UK and Amazon US. So, what are you waiting for? Grab a copy and tell all your friends, your neighbours, the postman, the milkman, the person at the petrol station…oh, you get the idea. Come along now, download a copy and discover a new side to my writing. See if I can surprise you. NOTE IT is free at Amazon US but I am having problems with UK store. Keep checking. It will be fixed!

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Love does not always result in ‘happy ever after’. It is a powerful emotion that, in the hands of a damaged soul, can be all-consuming, dangerous and even lethal.

In this collection of short stories—some dark, some light-hearted—written by award-winning Carol E. Wyer, we discover what happens when love takes over.

Be prepared for a rollercoaster of emotions.


“Love Hurts by Carol E Wyer is collection of five, thought provoking, short stories themed on aspects of that poorest understood human emotion, love.

What this book offers a reader, before all else, is surprise and entertainment. Not a bad outcome for a quick read designed to reach the needy.

Full marks to the author. Given the name, it must sound corny to say, I loved this book. Five stars.”


“This collection of short stories was a departure for her and I was pleasantly surprised. It takes a specific kind of skill to write short stories, and Wyer pulls it off beautifully. Heartbreaking, sad, funny and poignant, these stories took me through a range of emotions and completely surprised me. Unexpected endings, with the last on a lighthearted note, these stories will stay with you long after you’ve finished the book. I’m looking forward to more from Ms. Wyer and can’t wait to see what she does next.”


“Carol E. Wyer surprises readers with her latest release Love Hurts, a collection of 5 short stories that, at their core, contain real meaning, a twist or a sting in the tail.

What surprised me most was the level of interest piqued with each story, considering how short each one is. I would think it takes a considerable amount of writing finesse to be able to give the reader enough character background and set the scene/tone, while reeling them into the story at hand in only a few pages.”