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MSALL NEW Cover SmallHello!  Following my post yesterday, it’s time to move onto the new changes. I’m very happy to announce the first of two giveaways to celebrate the fact that Safkhet Publishing are re publishing the award-winning books Mini Skirts and Laughter Lines and Surfing in Stilettos and … they’ve given them a makeover! Amanda Wilson has been brought to life in these new, more contemporary designs:

SIS new cover Small

I’m over the moon with the new covers. The books, both paperback and eBook versions will be released tomorrow, July 1st. You can find out more by clicking HERE for the Safkhet website which has purchase links.

MSALL NEW Cover SmallMini Skirts and Laughter Lines was my debut novel and is indeed the reason I blog today. The book’s been a best-selling #1 book, won five awards for humour and was a recommended read in Yours magazine, and for Choice magazine. I was featured in Woman’s Own and on several radio stations in the UK and the USA talking about the book, blogging and ageing disgracefully. Since then, Amanda Wilson has become a household name and I still regularly receive emails from women all over the world who admit Amanda is just like them.

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Woman’s Own magazine

Article about Mini Skirts and Laughter Lines:

Age does not define us. We’ve been hearing that for years.  So, why does age fifty still have to mark the beginning of THE END for so many?  A lonely suburban housewife, Amanda Wilson indeed thought life was nearly over as she approached fifty—that is until she found a voice, a community, a guardian angel and even an old flame in an unlikely place, at an unwelcome age. She put down her wine and found sanity in a new take on life—after the big five-oh.

Mini Skirts and Laughter Lines charts the perils and pitfalls of growing old gracefully through the hilarious blog entries of a woman fast approaching her sell-by-date but determined to face her next big birthday with humour.

The journey of Amanda Wilson, Wyer’s heroine, reflects similarities in most of our lives, from the teen to twilight years, and is a light-hearted, humorous, even inspiring novel written as a series of blog posts. Ironically, the unique work highlights our society’s mindless denigration of older women and the shame attached to aging.  Wyer bravely but amusingly confronts taboo issues often facing mid-life (and older) women, including the fear of loneliness, financial insecurity, fading interest in physical relationships and the isolation from contemporary culture.  She uniquely illustrates how these feelings have been prematurely imposed upon the elder generation and brings to light, through Amanda’s blog, the coping mechanisms of the lost midlife generation’s attempt to reconcile their vigorous and vibrant lifestyles with their increasing mileage.

“There are some wonderful life-lessons contained in Mini Skirts and Laughter Lines,”says Wyer. “My goal, through Amanda’s journey of self-discovery, was to identify things we wish for, yet are already within our grasp. These things may not come beautifully gift-wrapped or perfectly packaged but it is how we perceive and handle them that will make all the difference in our maturing lives.”


Feature in Choice – Pick of the Paperbacks, page 120


GIVEAWAY: Some of you may remember the HUGE party we had when I first launched the book and how I gave away Clarins makeup, and blue mascara. Well, to celebrate the relaunch of the book I’m offering one lucky person a : No7 Protect & Perfect Intense ADVANCED Serum Pump 30ml



This serum is without doubt, one of the best I have tried. (And i have tried plenty.) Even this baggy-eyed wrinkled lady could see positive results after four weeks, so you’ll no doubt look twenty years younger after using it. It is especially good for lines around the eyes. My skin is tauter and definitely more youthful since I started using it. Maybe I should try drinking it to feel more energetic too. So like Amanda in her new cover, you too can be rejuvenated.

Boots say that their serum “contains active ingredients that help to repair and protect as well as helping to tackle blemishes.

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I would have to agree. I have noticed a marked improvement in my own skin after two weeks and continue to be impressed each day I use it.

To win this pump and a copy of the new look Mini Skirts and Laughter Lines, tweet this post, share it on Facebook and/or use any of the other social media buttons below to promote it. Then, in the comments below write ‘shared’ and where you’ve shared it. Hubby will be cajoled into pulling a name out of the hat on Saturday.

There will be another giveaway for Surfing in Stilettos so keep your eyes open for that.

Good luck and thank you for sharing my good news. There’s more news to come this week so look out for the next Ch-ch-changes post.