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ThornBerryMore changes are afoot and today, I must say goodbye to ThornBerry Publishing. Sylvie, my publisher at ThornBerry took me on  two years ago, when I was a novice to this industry. She had faith in my ability and encouraged me. She supported all my efforts and was as delighted as me when both books won several awards. We met up one December and enjoyed a long lunch where we chatted about her plans for ThornBerry. There’s something magical about saying you’ve just been out for lunch with your publisher. I’m also proud to say that for almost all the time I have been with her, I’ve been her best-selling author.

I have nothing but respect for this woman. She has been more than a publisher; she has been my friend. I owe much of my success to her after all, she gave me a two-book deal and took on my first two novels, Mini Skirts and Laughter Lines and Surfing in Stilettos.

Since then, ThornBerry has become a much bigger publishing house and boasts some marvellous authors including Kit Domino, who has a new novel coming out later this year, Tricia Jones who brings physical and mental wellbeing to writers with her yoga as well as writing great romance novels, Avis Randall, whose long awaited sequel to A Drift of Daisies and Different Kinds of Loving is due for publication in July by TBP, Ali Bacon and of course the wonderful Caroline James and inspirational Justine Forrest to name but a few.

I’m putting the link up to their website HERE so you can go and explore it, meet the authors and read extracts from their books, as there is not enough space here for my to rave about them all.

So, that’s part two of my posts on changes … part three tomorrow. Something for you.