MinionMy mind has been all over the place this month. “Nothing new there.” I hear you chorus, you cheeky bunch! There have been some major changes taking place here. I’ll reveal some more over the coming week.

Firstly, I am  leaving Indies Unlimited, the website for writers and readers alike. I shall no longer be a contributing author for them and leaving was a hard decision to make. I felt like I had torn myself away from my family. Every one of the people who write there – each known as ‘a minion’ – puts in a huge amount of time and research into providing posts to help stimulate, guide and assist authors. Stephen Hise and K S Brooks, along with Laurie Boris do an incredible job of running the site, dealing with enquiries, scheduling posts and all for free. They just want to help others.

I’ve been writing for them for over two years and have loved every minute of it. Thanks to them, I have learned all sorts of new skills to help my writing and have tried out new social media platforms, made videos, produced websites and had a thoroughly good time. My other writing commitments, public appearances and the comedy gigs are taking up so much of my time that I would struggle to produce two good posts a month for the site, so it was with an extremely heavy heart, I handed in my notice and my minion hat. I even shed a few tears. I shed a few more when they bestowed upon me the honour of ‘Minion Emeritus’.

IMG_0172I still have my T shirt (as you can see) and shall visit the site regularly to catch up on the latest news there. Yesterday, I posted one of my last posts on the website, 12 Things I would tell My Pre-Writer Self. Why not drop by and see why I love the site so much. Click HERE.

Next time on this blog … More changes and something for you.