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greylogotmGulp! Oh dear! How can I put this? Best to just say it quickly.  Grumpy Old Menopause has been shortlisted as a nomination for The People’s Book Prize award for 2104-2015. *coughs politely* You know what I’m going to ask next, don’t you? Is there any chance you could go to the website and vote for it? It’s one of the books in the non-fiction category.

Grumpy Old Menopause has attracted HUGE attention from the public so I’m really hoping this time I can win that coveted crystal award. I’ll need your votes though to do it, so once again, can I please ask you to head to the website by clicking HERE. It’ll open another window for you to the site. Once there, click on the blue box on the left hand side marked ‘non-fiction’, look for my book, vote for it and, if you feel able or want to, leave a comment about it, too.

Thank you ever so much. I promise not to badger you again. Well, maybe only one more time! I’d also like you to spread some love to two other worthy authors. See below to learn more about their books.

My grateful thanks to you all. XXXX

How to Vote

Click HERE and a new tab will open to The People’s Book Prize Award website where you will see a page like this:

PBPClick on the blue box marked non-fiction as indicated by the red arrow. That will open the following page:

PBP1Grumpy Old menopause is the fifth book along the top row. Click on the book and it will open the voting page:

PBP2Scroll down/read that page and you will come to the voting part:

PBP3NOTE: You must be registered to vote so if you have never voted on this site before go the top of the page and click on register. It’s easy to do. If you have forgotten your password, also go to the register page and request a new one before voting.

Please leave a comment. A couple of words will do. They all get read and taken into consideration for a special award for the book that has helped the community and I believe Grumpy Old Menopause has definitely done that.

Finally, please spread the word. If you could mention me to your friends, on your Facebook pages, Twitter or even your blogs, I would be so grateful. Every email address is entitled to a vote.

That leaves me to say ‘Thank You’ yet again and I’ll not ask again…well, not until the finals, anyway.

You have three votes in each of the categories and I am also asking if you could repeat the process and vote for another two splendid books:

Fekicity FlyThe Wonderful World of Felicity Fly is by Christina Gabbitas and is in the Children’s Section.

It offers, an opportunity for children to learn about the world around them and learn to read with fun. This publication addresses Felicity’s fears and making friends. The audio helps to keep children engaged.





Hearts of Green by John Marsh is a terrific read. You will find it in the fiction section on the award page.

It’s 1989, Chris Carter has been seduced by the posters and TV ads to live life to the max! Be the best! Start a new life! So leaving behind his broken home, he awaits his new family to welcome him with open arms.
It had taken nearly one year of training to get here and only one week to realise that he has fallen for the hype.
It has all been one big mistake, a mistake that pushed Carter far too close to the edge.
Love, Lust and Paradise it certainly ain’t.