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You haven’t heard of Emma Calin? Honestly? Well, I’m about to put that right. You are missing out.

Emma  is younger than me but old enough to be allowed on this blog. She spends her time between the UK and France. Emma has been writing since childhood and has won numerous local, national and international prizes for poetry and short stories. Her blog alone is worth reading, filled, as it is with descriptions of France and life.

Emma says of herself: (taken from her website)


I live between The UK and rural France with my sexy partner and lover Oscar Sparrow. The photos here and on other pages are from around the Charentes region and of course Paris, which we love. Between my partner and I we have seven wonderful children with ages ranging from 44 through to 15.  They are spread between the USA, the UK, France and Azerbaijan. My writing is far too sexy to come from a grandmother - but I am!  It will be a while before they read most of my books! 

I was lucky enough to meet Emma (and Oscar) at the festival of Romance in Bedford a couple of years ago and was bowled over by her passion for writing, life, poetry and her sense of humour. All of this is reflected in her books and I highly recommend them all.

Emmas books


Emma is the author of the #1 Kindle bestselling romantic adventureKnockout! and short storiesSub Prime  &  The Chosen among others. She is also the 2013 winner of the’Festival of Romance Innovation in Romantic Fiction’ award. Here are a few of her books but take a look at them all by clicking the link at the bottom of this post.

KnockoutKnockout A #1 Kindle Best Seller in Romantic Suspense, Romantic Adventure and Women Sleuths 

Interpol cop, Anna Leyton, spirals down into a hopeless vortex of sexual and emotional passion as she fights to keep her professional cool. Who is deceiving who in this fast moving ride across continents? What motivates her art loving prize-bull of a lover Freddie La Salle? The power of love and trust stands against greed and crime as conflicting forces grapple for that knockout punch.

Reviews for Knockout 

‘A mix of relentless, buff sexuality, uncompromising, idealistic romance, and sassy, police detective mystery’
‘Knockout writing and a perfect dilemma’
‘The language is sensual and gripping and powerful all at once, launching you on a roller coaster of emotions even as the story unfolds’
‘Knockout will surprise you with its qualities, but do not be surprised if you put it down wishing for more. I did.’

Sub primeSub Prime is a prize-winning hard hitting short story about courage, exploitation and love. It is a raw and brutal exposé of life at the bottom in the aftermath of recession. Available in e-book formats for Kindle and Kindle Reader Apps. This is the first in Emma Calin’s novelette and short story series and is available as a single title or in the ‘LOVE IN A HOPELESS PLACE COLLECTION’.

Reviews for Sub Prime:

  • ‘Sub-Prime is not a fun tale, but it’s truth, and truth, even well stated, is stark, in-your-face, and eye opening’
  • ‘Although the story is short, it is well-written, quite intense and very realistic’
  • ‘Powerful condensed full-flavoured shot of reality’

ChosenThe Chosen A #1 Kindle Best Seller in Short Stories.

Description: From the author of  #1 best selling short story “Sub-Prime”.  A short story exploring the chances we take to find love and fulfilment.

A woman, a man, a van and a plan.  What do painting and decorating, Thai brides, self-help manuals and pay-day loans have in common? J.A. knows the answer.

Follow his his quest for love and happiness in The Chosen.

When the luck runs out; the lucky walk away. A short story set in the extremis of everyday.

5 Star Reviews for The Chosen:

  • ‘An Absolute Gem’ – Sheryl S. Browne
  • ”This story blew me away’ – Frederick Brooke
  • ‘Why love drives you crazy’ – R Stephen Woodfin
  • ‘Delightfully quirky’ – Scribbler
  • ‘A tale with a moral’ – Linn B Halton


Escape to LoveEscape to Love

Description: Even in the barren wasteland of urban decay new green life is possible. In Nature and in Love, that which can be, somehow finds a crack, a corner or ledge and grasps its chance of life.
A woman on the run from domestic violence with no one but her vulnerable and damaged teenage child as a companion, lives in isolation and fear. While her hand to mouth scenarios are played out in the shadow of a threatening suspense, a story of crime and love unfolds around her. She cannot risk her child. Her own longings for love and romance have to take a poor second place. When the fallout from a prison break, a hero rescue and a murder mystery crash through her door and into her need and loneliness, it is no longer a crime story. It is a question of when Love in itself is a crime and how far a woman will go in its name and for those she loves.

Reviews for Escape to Love:
‘Gritty story with true romance’
‘A lovely mystery novella’

There is much more I can say about Emma, but why not find out for yourselves? You can read all about her books and poems HERE or at her website HERE. Go on, click the links and see why I have introduced you. Go and say hello to her. It might be the beginning of a beautiful relationship.