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RoyRoy Murry is the author of non-fiction true crime thriller The Audubon Caper and adult romance fiction The Three Wives of Don Quixote Smith.

A father and grandfather, Roy has led a fascinating life. He was a Green Beret Operation & Intelligence Specialist in the Vietnam War.

He has a BS Degree from Bentley College with a minor in English. He was president of PDE, the Honorary Journalism Society, editor-in-chief of the Yearbook, Writing course at Long Range Writer’s Group, and a Bronze Star recipient for Meritorious Achievement.

He spent twenty-five years in the Caribbean Hospitality Industry as an executive, and presently he is a freelance writer and author.

I met Roy on Twitter and soon became intrigued by his book The Audubon Caper, a true-life crime thriller. It wasn’t just the evident enthusiasm for the book that attracted me, it was the fact that the story is about a true crime. You will not be disappointed. The book is extremely well-written and is a proper fast-paced thriller.

I was delighted to discover that Roy has a great sense of humour. (He wouldn’t be allowed on the blog otherwise!) So, in true Facing 50 fashion, I asked him to tell us a joke:

“My girl friend was waiting for me to pick her up for our date. When I got there, she kissed me softly as usual. She then looked at me with a stern look, arms crossed, and said, “You’re taking me to a very expensive place tonight. I deserve it.”

I nodded in agreement, kissed her on the cheek and said, “So do I.”

We got in my car and I took her to the gas station for an 100% kosher hot dog. ”


In brief, Roy Murry is an extremely interesting man. Once you discover more about him, you’ll definitely want to read his books. You can read his interview with L. Leander HERE


AudubonThe Audubon Caper: The Untold Story of the Theft of an American Treasure

The story of a man put in the middle of doing what is legally right over going into a life of crime with a friend he cares for. 
The choices we make, the aspects of life, hanging on the edge of balance, and the everlasting effects that follow, are all found within this literary delight.

Rags Daniels, author of Lallapaloosa, wrote: ‘The Audubon Caper’ is… utterly compelling, riveting, factual roller coaster ride. If it doesn’t make it to the big screen, I will devour my hat. PS; I guarantee you will hate reaching the end.

  • “R. Murry’s The Audubon Caper is a fast-paced story. There are so many things going on in this creative non-fiction tale. One of the greatest things about this book is that it’s based on a true story. I kept thinking about that as I read, noting that definitely truth can be stranger than fiction. Murry’s writing lets us really get to know him. He’s frequently very open about his thoughts and feelings throughout the tale, something I really enjoyed. We see him get caught up in drugs, booze, and sex, very fitting for the `60s/`70s scene–yet he graduates from college and accomplishes a lot, such as surviving Viet Nam and a number of other military feats… Murry builds effective suspense at the end of his tale and we get a satisfying conclusion–partly because we know he lives to write about it.”
    5.0 out of 5 stars The Audubon Caper July 20, 2012
    By Tess

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