P_20140105_145157Here in the UK we’re celebrating Mothering Sunday. However, it’s also my mother’s 80th birthday today. As many of you know, I modelled Amanda Wilson’s party-loving, chain-smoking, go-getting mum on my own. Amanda’s mum has been adored and admired by thousands of readers for her crazy antics, her all-night Twister parties, her wry comments and her zest for life.

I was worried at first, that my own mother would take umbrage at some of what I wrote. After all, it was only loosely modelled on her but people would think she was as outrageous as Grace, Amanda’s mother. She had not (to my knowledge) discovered a toy boy in Cyprus, nor had she hired some strippers for her birthday. Some of the other stuff, well, that was all true. She is a five-foot tyrant who I used to call my Mini Mum. In Mini Skirts and Laughter Lines, Amanda finds out, her mother has been reading and following her personal blog full of details about her online romance with an ex-boyfriend and all the bloopers and bloomers that populate her life. I didn’t have that problem. My own mother did not have internet and certainly did not know how to use a computer. She had no idea what I put online. All that was to change.

On reading Surfing in Stilettos, my mother decided she loved the character Grace so much, she was going to behave more like her. Last Christmas, she treated herself to a tablet, got BT to set up a modem and internet and sent me an email. I knew it was from her because the entire email was written in the subject heading!

Three weeks later, she’d mastered it. She’d downloaded free books from Amazon and was emailing her friends from all over the world. She also sent me loads more emails, read all my blog posts, read any post that’s ever appeared about me and trawled every post I’ve ever written about her. I knew she had turned into Grace when she sent me a selfie!

Next, she discovered Skype. Life will never be the same for me. My mother is now watching my every move again, just like when I was twelve years old.

However, I have to admit that I’m really proud of her. She’s living life to the max. She phones me regularly with jokes, funny stories and quips She complained a few months ago that she ‘had too much blood in her alcohol system’! She’s gone to Cyprus to celebrate her birthday in style with her friends (all in their fifties and early sixties) and she’s taken her tablet with her. I’ll be expecting an incomprehensible message later and more photos. She never lets life defeat her. She always has a go.

Mothering Sunday is a time to celebrate our mothers. Some of us are not as fortunate as me to have their mother’s still with them. I count my blessings that mine is still causing mayhem and making me laugh at her antics.

When I wrote this blog on Blogger, I wrote a lot about my mother and lots of you wanted to know what she’s actually looked like. So, to answer that question, I’ve added the selfie she took of herself to this post.

Happy Birthday, Mum, and Happy Mothering Sunday to all mothers, those we have and those we have lost but shall never forget. We are grateful to you and love you all.