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It’s the final week of the Grumpy Old Menopause tour organised by BestChick Tours. It’s been a blast. There are still prizes to be won including the chocolate Scrabble game, so nip along this week, enter the raffle and discover what they thought about Grumpy Old Menopause.

scrabbleHere’s today’s Scrabble fact: When Spanish explorers first reached the West Indies, they found tribes of Indians who described their chiefs using this word. The conquistadors applied the word, which can also be spelled “caciques,” to all native chiefs. It also refers to a tropical bird similar to an oriole. In a game in England in 1982, Dr. Karl Khoshnaw set the record for the highest single word score in Scrabble competition. He played “caziques” across two triple word squares for a total score of 392.

Stop 11 – 28th March @ Tishylou’s World